Vivisimo’s Velocity Wins Proctor & Gamble KMWorld Award

Vivisimo, a leader in enterprise search,  announced that Procter & Gamble has won the KMWorld Reality award for demonstrating knowledge management leadership with its successful deployment and use of the award-winning Velocity Enterprise Search platform.

Through its deployment of the Vivisimo Enterprise Search Platform, P&G users have reduced the time spent searching for documents and increased overall productivity. Additionally, P&G users have increased knowledge sharing by using search as a new means of collaborating. Through a single search interface, users now have the ability to locate experts within their organization to connect with and share knowledge.

“Today’s award is another validation of our decision to choose Velocity to power our search needs,” said Bud Miyahara, Section Manager, P&G. “With the aid of Velocity, we have improved the user satisfaction of our search offering and have been able to deliver key business search needs. Velocity has also given us the ability to deliver future search capability with little worry of technological limitations.”

The award, which recognizes an organization in which knowledge management is a positive reality, was given to P&G during the KMWorld Reality ceremony at the Enterprise Search Summit in San Jose earlier this week.

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