Bayer Names Babe as New CEO

Bayer announced today that current President and CEO of Bayer Corporation, Dr. Attila Molnar, will retire from the company after serving for 30 years. Current PTC Board Member and President and CEO of Bayer MaterialScience, Greg Babe, will replace Molnar effective October 1, 2008.

In a statement released by Bayer:

Babe (51) will continue in his current role as President and CEO of Bayer MaterialScience LLC, where he has led the BMS NAFTA region since 2004. He was previously head of Bayer Corporate and Business Services LLC, and thus responsible for central administration and service activities in the United States and Canada. Babe has held various management positions in the Bayer Group organization, including assignments in Germany, since joining the company in 1978. A native of West Virginia, Babe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University.

Greg was recently interviewed by TEQ Magazine in an article entitled “The Best Stuff: How WPA Became a World Center of Material Science.”

Company: Bayer Corporation Bayer Corporation
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Description: Bayer Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is part of the worldwide Bayer Group, an international health care, nutrition and innovative materials group based in Leverkusen, Germany. Read more.

PGHTECH LinkedIn Group Reaches 300 Strong

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has been diving into the social media realm head first this summer. We’ve enjoyed the results so far and are excited for the future! Using such media, the PTC will engage members and the technology community of southwestern Pennsylvania in new ways.

Last night, the Council reached 300 members in our LinkedIn group, having only launched the group (somewhat quietly) on July 1, 2008. We will be engaging the members of this group in PTC programming, special offers and unique updates. If you are not a member, you should join our LinkedIn group.

If you have other ideas the Council can connect with you, please leave a comment. We’d like to gain input on how we can better connect and interact with you.

DoshDosh wrote a great article on the purpose of social networking, if you haven’t made the switch to digitizing yourself.

Also, for more information more explicit to LinkedIn and how it can be used for business purposes, check out the following video.


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ANSYS Conference to Inspire Engineering

Engineering Simulation Solutions Leader Brings Together Product Innovators this August
ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS), a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, today announced its hallmark event, the 2008 International ANSYS Conference. A must-attend event for executives, managers and technical staff in a wide range of industries, the conference is scheduled for August 26 to 28 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

This is the 14th conference that ANSYS has staged since its inaugural event in 1983. During the last two decades, as simulation has become a critical element of the product development process, the content, breadth of technology and attendance of the International ANSYS Conference has grown as well. Companies from around the world, in a wide range of industries, are planning to attend the 2008 event. More than 800 people attended the last conference, held in 2006. ANSYS also will be hosting an analyst day in conjunction with the conference on August 26 for financial and industry analysts.

The International ANSYS Conference brings together engineers, analysts and management from all disciplines of simulation to learn about the future of engineering design simulation and analysis. Themed “Inspiring Engineering,” this year’s conference will showcase how global, innovative companies use engineering simulation to inspire their engineering designs, resulting in improved products and processes. The conference will demonstrate how the ANSYS vision and its powerful technologies meet the ever-changing needs of users who demand integrated, automated, scalable and multidisciplinary tools. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to see and hear how future capabilities from ANSYS will impact the industry, to try out the hands-on preview, and to exchange ideas with ANSYS team members, industry experts and colleagues from companies throughout the world.

“We believe simulation leads to inspired engineering. It powers the product innovation engine,” said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS, Inc. “We see evidence of this every day as we engage with our customers around the world. Companies successful at leveraging simulation throughout the product development process have a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive global environment. The conference is a great opportunity for all of us to learn about the unique ways customers are innovating through Simulation Driven Product Development™.”

The 2008 International ANSYS Conference will feature dynamic keynote presentations, technical sessions, management sessions, ANSYS Solves topics (which provide an inside look at the latest technologies from ANSYS and how this technology can be applied to help ensure success), and vendor exhibitions.

Keynote conference speakers will discuss the use of simulation as a vehicle for inspired engineering design:

  • James E. Cashman III, President and Chief Executive Officer, ANSYS, Inc.: perspectives on the ANSYS vision for Simulation Driven Product Development
  • Dipankar Choudhury, Vice President, Corporate Product Strategy and Planning, ANSYS, Inc.: product plans and roadmap
  • Willem Toet, Head of Aerodynamics, BMW Sauber F1: strategic utilization of CFD for competitive advantage in automotive racing
  • Jerry Young, Director, Materials and Structures Technology, Boeing – Phantom Works: challenges for advanced simulation in aerospace product development

Technical sessions will detail how product development professionals in specific industries and application areas have deployed simulation technology in their design process: academic, aerospace and defense, biomedical, chemicals, civil engineering, consumer products, electronics, knowledge management, large-scale analysis, materials processing, multiphysics simulation, nuclear power, oil and gas, optimization and Design for Six Sigma, power generation, semiconductors, sustainable and green technologies, and turbomachinery.

To highlight managerial concerns, a management roundtable will host a panel discussion at which innovative, successful and visionary ANSYS customers share how they have applied simulation technology to achieve significant success within their global organizations. This panel discussion, themed “Inspiring Engineering with Simulation,” is a chance for attendees to hear from — and pose questions to — a diverse group of managers from leading global organizations, including Becton, Dickinson and Company; The Dow Chemical Company; Goodrich Corporation; Texas Instruments Incorporated; and Whirlpool Corporation.

A second roundtable discussion featuring thought leaders in high-performance computing (HPC) will examine how significant advances in HPC create an opportunity for ANSYS customers to improve their overall ROI concerning the use of simulation. Panelists will include representatives from ANSYS, Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft Corporation and Silicon Graphics, Inc.

The World of Inspiration Expo will provide a great opportunity to learn, get inspired and network with peers as ANSYS and its most valued partners provide hands-on demos, literature and displays of their innovative products. The hands-on area will give attendees the opportunity to work with the full range of software offerings from ANSYS, as well as preview the upcoming ANSYS capabilities. In addition, experts in disciplines from nonlinear, explicit, and fluid structure interaction to full multiphysics, meshing and electronics will be available to consult informally on problem solving and best practices. Formal presentations will be staged in the area as well, providing another opportunity to learn about the latest technology from ANSYS.

Post-conference training, to be held August 28 and 29 at the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh, will offer insight into products from ANSYS for a variety of advanced analyses. Participants will receive hands-on instruction on topics ranging from combustion modeling to multiphysics.

Sponsors of the 2008 International ANSYS Conference include Intel and SGI (platinum level) as well as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Moldflow, AMD, CEI, Dell and nCode.

Company: ANSYS, Inc. ANSYS, Inc.
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Description: ANSYS, Inc., founded in 1970, develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers and designers across a broad spectrum of industries. The Company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost- conscious product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation. Read more.
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Description: Microsoft Corporation’s long-held vision of a computer on every desk and in every home continues to be at the core of everything the Company does. Microsoft is committed to the belief that software is the tool that empowers people both at work and at home. Read more.

Jump-Starting Collaboration with Social Search

Excerpt from Vivisimo whitepaper:
Over the past several years, industry pundits and vendors have predicted that collaboration tools such as social tagging, social networking, wikis and other Web 2.0 phenomena will become mainstream within the enterprise. In fact, Gartner reported that by the end of 2007, thirty percent of all large corporations
had Web 2.0 applications enabled within their organizations. But as the adoption of Web 2.0 functionality hits the enterprise, a question still remains—how can enterprises effectively integrate these web-based tools into their corporate infrastructure in a way that maximizes employee collaboration?

The answer is through search. Almost all data created by enterprise applications can be crawled by a search engine and accessed via a search box. Many organizations connect all of their applications through a single search screen today. Over the past several years, enterprise search has opened the doors to all content stored throughout the enterprise. The next step is to provide end users with tools to make sense of this overwhelming amount of information and to easily share knowledge with colleagues and business partners. These collaboration tools, which will turn the quest for collaboration into a reality, are now available through new enterprise search capabilities—social search.

By taking the best ideas from Web 2.0 based concepts, such as social tagging, social bookmarking and networking, and marrying them with the power of business search, social search gives enterprises the ability to tap into and make use of the vast amount of human knowledge within their own organizations. As the examples in this paper show, social search provides the means to go beyond just finding information to actually freeing it from the confines of applications, allowing organizations to increase collaboration and accelerate innovation—all while gaining valuable insight into the collective intelligence of the organization.

Download the complete Jump-Starting Collaboration with Social Search Whitepaper.

Visit Vivisimo’s Search Done Right™ blog.

Company: Vivisimo, Inc. Vivisimo, Inc.
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Description: Vivisimo, Inc., provides intelligent software that helps enterprises to organize information from anywhere, any time, in any language. Its breakthrough clustering and meta-search products retrieve textual information from one or multiple sources and automatically organize the combined results on-the-fly into meaningful folders. Read more.

TUG Delivers Cheer…and More…to Young Patients

Aethon Inc. recently announced general availability of its train-themed “JR” autonomous mobile robot to children’s hospitals across the country and that Aethon will make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for each JR TUG that is deployed. The JR TUG is currently delivering equipment to children at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and medication to children in North Carolina at Carolinas Healthcare Systems in addition to the original implementation at UCSF.

Modeled after the title character in the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could,” JR was originally developed to help grant a wish for Jericho Rajninger, a seven-year old leukemia patient from Larkspur, California, and was donated to UCSF Children’s Hospital through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

As part of his chemotherapy treatment Jericho had to take more than 4,000 pills. He realized that the prospect of all that medicine could be frightening for other children. Jericho believed that having the medications delivered by a robot modeled after a train might make the prospect of all those pills more pleasant.

“We were honored to make Jericho’s wish to help other sick children a reality,” said Aldo Zini, CEO of Aethon. “We are extremely pleased that the JR robots are being deployed in other children’s hospitals and hope that they will in some sense help sick children and their parents nationwide cope with a difficult experience.”

JR is based on Aethon’s TUG, a mobile autonomous robot that transports medical equipment and supplies. JR has drawers in its “caboose” from which medications can be drawn by nurses. The robot also features a conductor who speaks to children with the voice of legendary voice over actor Don LaFontaine. “Look out, here I come,” “Thanks, from the bottom of my caboose,” “Pardon my caboose, I’m turning around,” “Engines revved and ready to go,” and “Choo choo, gotta run” are among the phrases JR speaks.

“Our JR TUG makes the delivery of equipment and supplies more efficient while offering some cheer to our young patients,” said Tom Lausten, director of Pharmacy Services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. “In addition, staff is able to focus on patient care without having to worry about the logistics of delivery.”

Company: Aethon Aethon
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Description: Aethon is the leader in the business of low-cost, pilot-less hauling of material indoors. Aethon has developed a cost-saving hospital automation product called the TUG®, which automates and tracks the indoor transport of goods to reduce labor costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Read more.