Get Fired Up! Pyrotecnico to use cutting-edge technology to put on Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show

By Rachel Smith, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Pyrotecnico (Vitale Family Fireworks) has been wowing crowds for more than 100 years with its awesome fireworks displays. Now, by pledging allegiance to technology, the New Castle-based company continues to amaze.

“While we’ve become one of the premiere fireworks companies in the world, we cannot lose sight of what has gotten us here: a commitment to innovation that impacts audiences visually and emotionally, attention to detail, listening to clients and a serious regard for safety,” Stephen Vitale, CEO, said. “We take pride in these skills and use them to provide the best show possible for each event.”

Fireworks shows have come a long way over the years and Pyrotecnico always looks for ways to upgrade their techniques. Gone are the old manual systems, replaced with high-tech software systems that enable greater control and predictability. Fixing issues on the fly has never been easier with this technology and Pyrotecnico’s high-tech software doesn’t stop there. They have a master control board handled by a pyrotechnician to make sure each firework “shell” shoots into the air and bursts at an exact, precise time. Impressive!

They are among the few companies that use 3-D simulations to show clients a preview of the performance before final approvals. On top of that, Pyrotecnico has become the only company in the world to integrate a GPS synchronization system with performances to ensure precise timing of all fireworks, no matter the location.

Pyrotecnico is continually searching for the “big and better” products to produce the most thrilling and safest shows possible. The company’s specialists create site plans that are designed to fit the needs of each venue’s features including size, indoor/outdoor displays, audio productions and sound effects.  Pyrotecnico always peruses new ways they can use technology while taking creativity to the next level.

“We like to invent things,” Rocco Vitale, Creative Director, said.  “We’re always pushing it creatively to come up with ways to ‘wow’ audiences throughout the show.”

And “wow” they have.  Pyrotecnico has developed all types of shows using new technologies ranging from fireworks (indoors/outdoors/close proximity) to lasers, confetti, streamers and fog.

Keep an eye out for the Pyrotecnico’s unique, technology-driven features at Pittsburgh’s EQT “Flashes of Freedom” Fireworks Fantasia at the Three Rivers Regatta event on July 4, 2011, starting at 9:35 p.m.

Click here for more information on Pyrotecnico.


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