Breaking News from Pittsburgh’s Tech Industry

Pittsburgh’s December weather might be exceptionally freezing this past week, but news coming out of the local technology industry has been heating up. Check out these news stories:

Compressor Systems Standardizes on Landslide’s Sales Production System

Landslide Technologies, Inc., announced that Compressor Systems, a manufacturer of high quality air compression equipment, has standardized on Landslide’s Sales Production System for increasing its revenue. As Compressor Systems sales team is responsible for the entire life cycle of a customer, the company decided to implement Landslide after recognizing the need for a solution that incorporates both an automated selling process and administrative assistance into the product, to provide the sales team with a clear road map and more time for closing deals.

Landslide’s Sales P3 System, complete with the Landslide VIP personal sales assistant service, meets these comprehensive sales process needs for the Compressor sales team. Compressor relies on Landslide to make use of the proper sales actions at the right stage of the sales cycle to ensure that deals effectively move through the sales pipeline. The sales team also utilizes the personal sales assistant service to offload administrative and data entry tasks to Landslide’s VIP Assistants.Landslide Technologies is the provider of Landslide Sales P3 System, the first Sales Production System that helps BtoB companies increase sales volume by combining sales process consistency with sales performance technology and personal sales assistants.

4CTechnologies Introduces informnet — a Network Monitoring Solution

4CTechnologiesintroduced informnet, an innovative network monitoring solution that will manage any IT network, using turn-key technology, providing monitoring and control of desired network information.

informnet is an interfacing system designed for: 24×7 alerting and monitoring of servers, network equipment, performance, antivirus and security.

4CTechnologies will prepare all existing network infrastructures to support  informnet’s asset management, monitoring and alerting configurations.

informnet provides a quarterly, on-site business review that will identify specific IT solutions and will address existing and future IT requirements and projects. informnet is the network monitoring solution that answers any IT department’s need for controlling their  network environment.

4CTechnologies is a Pittsburgh-based business consulting and software engineering firm specializing in IT-based business innovation, application development and application integration.

Vivisimo Enterprise Search Recognized Among Digital Content Industry Leaders by EContent Magazine

Vivisimo, a leader in enterprise search, was named to the EContent 100, EContent magazine’s eighth annual list of “companies that matter most in the digital content industry.” The list is published in the December issue.

“Vivisimo’s selection to the EContent 100 is continued recognition that we are helping to lead our industry in delivering compelling value for users of digital content, which, to be sure, is all of us,” said Raul Valdes-Perez, Vivisimo CEO.  “In a challenging economic environment, Vivisimo continues its commitment to helping organizations realize the highest business value for their information, producing greater efficiencies and fostering collaboration and innovation in ways that help companies do more than they thought possible.”

This is the sixth consecutive year Vivisimo was recognized among industry leaders in the search engines & technologies category by EContent.  The inclusion of Vivisimo in the EC100 list marks a year in which the company continued building momentum as a leader in the enterprise search industry.



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  1. John Nox says:

    Thank you very much! very useful information, it is useful for my work on the Internet! +1

  2. Geof Becker says:

    Thanks for the mention about Vivisimo’s EContent 100 recognition!

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