Airbus Lifts Off Vivisimo Velocity to Provide More than 50,000 Users the Power of Search

Vivisimo, a Pittsburgh-based leader in enterprise search, installed its Velocity Search Platform with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus. Through this deployment, Velocity is powering search across its corporate-wide intranet and its customers, indexing up to two petabytes of data for more than 50,000 users.

“Our installation with Airbus is a testament of Velocity’s flexibility in deployment and our commitment to work through a highly-complex infrastructure with many data repositories, while respecting the company’s various security parameters,” said John Kealey, CEO of Vivisimo. “Velocity was up to the challenge and we are thrilled with the value it has already shown Airbus users in terms of increasing processes and productivity through the power of search.”

In less than one month since the completed installation of Velocity, search has become the fastest growing application on the customer portal (AirbusWorld) homepage in terms of usage, which has resulted in increased page views. Through the portal site, end-users are now able to search multiple depositories of data available on-line, and leverage innovative search features such as clustering, to find relevant information through an intuitive, business oriented and user-friendly navigation.

The capacity to refine results with Airbus business oriented criteria has become a value add for its end-users. Internally, Airbus support engineers can now use a dedicated release of Velocity to retrieve any relevant information with a 360-degree view around a topic. The search engine improves the speed and accuracy to answer customer queries.

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