Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence Helps Business Build Operational Excellence

Looking to improve productivity, workforce engagement and overall competitiveness in your business?  The Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence (KAPE) can help.

“We want to be the catalyst for performance excellence in all sectors of the Pennsylvania economy,” said Robert Bitner, Executive Director of KAPE. “We use the leading-edge Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as the basis for our process and for giving feedback to applicants,” said  “While KAPE’s process is modeled after the prestigious Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, our process is not about ‘winning an Award.’  It’s about using the Criteria to perform low-cost, non-prescriptive assessments in addressing each applicant’s unique challenges.”

He said applicants have mentioned that the KAPE process is one of the best, most cost-effective and comprehensive assessments available. All KAPE applicant organizations – regardless of size – receive public recognition for their efforts in journeying toward performance excellence.

KAPE receives no financial or resource support from the government and is funded by members and sponsors, and we rely almost entirely on volunteers who share our passion for performance excellence.

The Keystone Excellence Award is based on the eleven Core Values that are the foundation of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. These values and concepts are the foundation for integrating key business and organizational requirements within a results-oriented framework. The core values and concepts are:

  • Visionary leadership
  • Managing for innovation
  • Customer-driven excellence
  • Management by fact
  • Organizational and personal learning
  • Societal responsibility
  • Valuing workforce members and partners
  • Focus on results and creating value
  • Agility
  • Systems perspective
  • Focus on the future

Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence Goals

  • Encourage Pennsylvania organizations to assess their practices and improvement processes using the Criteria
  • Recognize organizations that practice outstanding processes and measurable continuous improvement toward performance excellence
  • Disseminate information and encourage sharing of best practices
  • Promote the understanding and requirements of customer-focused performance excellence
  • Encourage partnerships among all organizations in business, education, health care and not-for-profit sectors toward performance excellence
  • Improve the economic well-being and quality of life in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Bitner said KAPE is always looking for new companies to participate in the program. As well, KAPE is looking for industry leaders to participate as examiners. Right around the corner, KAPE will host its 7th Annual Performance Excellence Conference and Awards Banquet on Nov. 13-14.

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