cellpig’s cellhelmet Protects iPhones Like No Other Product

Mike Kane of cell pig.

For as long as Greensburg native Mike Kane can remember, he always wanted to run his own business.

“My dad always said, ‘You have to get a stable job,’” recounts Kane. “I never wanted a stable job!”

Kane was never about working for the proverbial man and has always been in business for himself. First with a landscaping business, and now with a fast-growing cell phone accessories company – cellpig™ (cellpig.com).

He started cellpig with long-time friend Bryan McHenry and a couple hundred dollars worth of cell phone accessories to sell on eBay.

At first, business was slow and his landscaping venture paid the bills. Then it exploded from selling three to four products a day to hundreds. Now, cellpig is at its next evolution.

“We wanted to go niche and thought that Apple products were the way to go,” exclaims Kane. “What better company coattails to ride than Apple?”

cellpig debuted cellhelmet™ this spring – a unique concept to not only protect your pricey iPhone 4 or 4S from wear and tear with a sleek case, but also provide one year of accidental damage coverage. The product has been making both national and local headlines.

Kane says it eliminates the need for monthly insurance premiums and is good for unlimited repairs and one replacement. Water damage is not covered.

cellhelmet costs as much as other high-end case, like an OtterBox, but includes the unique damage coverage. It can be used on new, used, unlocked and jailbroken phones. cellhelmet is only available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Staying true to the region, Kane explains that the phone case was designed and is manufactured in western Pennsylvania. “It was exciting to find competitive pricing to manufacture cellhelmet right here,” says Kane.

Kane is excited to get cellhelmet on the market, noting that competitors’ protective cases tend to turn a slender iPhone into an awkward brick.

Moving forward, Kane says cellpig might look at similar products for iPads and iPods. With sales of Apple products going through the proverbial roof, Kane might have accidentally found himself a stable job.



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  1. I really like the fact that you made the effort to have the cellhelmet made in the US, even more impressed that you found a place in PA! Keep up the good work. We will be sure to recommend you to our customers.

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