cellpig to Offer cellhelmet Screen Protectors

cellhelmet Screen Protectors will cover a range of products, including the upcoming iPhone 5. Rejoice!

Following the success of the cellhelmet™ case for iPhone, Pittsburgh-based cellpig is now expanding the cellhelmet brand across multiple devices, in the form of guaranteed screen protection.

“When you’re spending $20 for a piece of plastic, you better get a guarantee that it’s going to protect your device from scratches,” says Bryan McHenry, cellhelmet™ Co-Founder.

cellhelmet™ Screen Protectors are a one-of-a-kind product – the only protector to guarantee the glass against scratches.  Guarantee is good for US and Canadian residents only.

Available for most devices (including iPhone 5/iPad Mini*), cellhelmet Screen Protectors will retail at $19.99/$29.99.

The cellhelmet screen protection guarantee is good for one full year.  The year begins the minute that your product is received.  Each pack of screen protectors is specific to one device and is non-transferable.

Get full details at http://www.indiegogo.com/cellhelmet-screen-protectors

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