Vivisimo’s Information Optimization Platform Velocity Recipient of KMWorld’s 2010 Trend-Setting Product Award

Vivisimo, a leader in information optimization, recently announced that the exponentially growing pool of employee-generated data is estimated to be costing U.S. businesses $1.5 trillion in lost worker productivity as a result of people spending additional time looking for the information they need to do their job both within and outside their organizations. According to analyst firm IDC, every week employees spend nearly half their work week (or 20 hours) trying to find the right information. 75% of employees complain about information overload and 45% are reportedly overwhelmed by all the information. Moreover, IDC predicts that the amount of information will continue to grow exponentially, upwards to 65% every year1. As a recipient of KMWorld’s 2010 Trend-Setting Product Award, Vivisimo’s Velocity platform has been tasked with the responsibility to not only help reduce millions of dollars in lost-worker productivity but better enable those organizations to use that information to increase sales.

To reduce the trillions of dollars in lost worker productivity, a recent Thompson Reuters study, “Intelligence, Intuition & Information,” explains that “the key is to build information systems around the ‘Hierarchy of Information Need (HIN)’ in order to help optimize unlocked data, enable information connectivity, and contextualize intelligence.” According to the paper, trusted, connected, and contextualized data are the most basic Hierarchy of Information Needs. To learn more about this study, please visit the following blog penned by Vivisimo’s Director of Product Management, Stacy Monarko.

 “With the onset of new digital technologies like Web 2.0, Wikis and networking profiles, the capability to quickly and accurately find the most contextually relevant information has become increasingly difficult for many companies,” remarked Tracey Mustacchio, Vice President of Marketing for Vivisimo. “The amount of content that employees are producing, reviewing and searching for is going unchecked, which in turn is causing both a financial and operational misstep within organizations. Vivisimo helps counter the explosion of data by harnessing its Velocity platform to optimize that data and deliver the contextually-relevant information that employees need within a matter of seconds.”

Vivisimo’s Velocity Receives Industry Accolade

This year marks Vivisimo’s 6th consecutive recognition as a KM World Trend-Setting Product of the Year. KMWorld’s panel of judges, which consisted of editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators, vendors, line-of-business managers and users, evaluated more than 600 products for this year’s Trend-Setting Products Award. Vivisimo’s Velocity platform was awarded for its pioneering ability to socialize and contextualize the data retrieval process. Vivisimo effectively scans and processes the right information, for the right person, at the right time.

“As one of the consecutive winners of KMWorld’s 2010 Trend-Setting Product of the Year, Vivisimo continually demonstrates that it’s Velocity platform is optimizing the copious amounts of knowledge and information that both employees on the backend and customers on the front end are looking for,” said Hugh McKellar, Editor-in-Chief, KMWorld. “We congratulate Vivisimo on its efforts to push the envelope within enterprise search market by witnessing how its commercial and government clients are tailoring its information optimization technology to handle an ever-changing world of content.”

About KMWorld

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About Vivisimo, Inc.

Vivisimo provides enterprises with information optimization solutions that help maximize the business value of information.  Unlike traditional information management products, Vivisimo’s innovative solutions help end-users find and take advantage of all appropriate and available information, regardless of source, location or type. Vivisimo’s innovative technology is delivered with a focus on end-user satisfaction and application control through easy-to-use interfaces, flexible security management and a modern architecture that enables quick deployment. Vivisimo products are available as standalone information optimization applications or as OEM versions embedded within partner applications and solutions. Vivisimo serves its clients from headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA, and through partners around the world. Visit for more information.

Airbus Lifts Off Vivisimo Velocity to Provide More than 50,000 Users the Power of Search

Vivisimo, a Pittsburgh-based leader in enterprise search, installed its Velocity Search Platform with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus. Through this deployment, Velocity is powering search across its corporate-wide intranet and its customers, indexing up to two petabytes of data for more than 50,000 users.

“Our installation with Airbus is a testament of Velocity’s flexibility in deployment and our commitment to work through a highly-complex infrastructure with many data repositories, while respecting the company’s various security parameters,” said John Kealey, CEO of Vivisimo. “Velocity was up to the challenge and we are thrilled with the value it has already shown Airbus users in terms of increasing processes and productivity through the power of search.”

In less than one month since the completed installation of Velocity, search has become the fastest growing application on the customer portal (AirbusWorld) homepage in terms of usage, which has resulted in increased page views. Through the portal site, end-users are now able to search multiple depositories of data available on-line, and leverage innovative search features such as clustering, to find relevant information through an intuitive, business oriented and user-friendly navigation.

The capacity to refine results with Airbus business oriented criteria has become a value add for its end-users. Internally, Airbus support engineers can now use a dedicated release of Velocity to retrieve any relevant information with a 360-degree view around a topic. The search engine improves the speed and accuracy to answer customer queries.

Vivisimo Unveils New Release of Velocity Enterprise Search Platform

Happy Monday everyone. Let’s start off the week withsome positive news. The folks at Vivisimo keep the good stuff coming. Check this out:

Building on the success of its award-winning enterprise search solution and its accelerated expansion into OEM and reseller markets, Vivisimo  launched the Velocity Enterprise Search Platform 7.5. Available as a standalone search solution or as an embedded OEM version for partner applications, Velocity 7.5 introduces significant enhancements in extensibility, scalability and performance.

Velocity 7.5 marks Vivisimo’s most significant step in extending the power of Velocity for partners and customers looking to build and deliver search centric applications. By building out and expanding the open API layer, Vivisimo is providing customers, OEMs, partners and systems integrators greater access to the entire Velocity architecture and its rich feature set. These organizations can now leverage the search development platform to add value to existing applications and develop new solutions that take advantage of the volumes of information assets within every enterprise.

Read all about it right here.

Vivisimo Makes KMWorld’s Coveted “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” List

Squirrel Hill-based Vivisimo has been a regular condiment on Techburgher lately. It’s like they’ve become the chunky salsa giving our news a bunch of zip and flavor. It’s great to see a Pittsburgh tech company making some positive news. Here’s some more:

Vivisimo made one of KMWorld’s “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management,” an annual list published by KMWorld. This is the eighth year of the list and the seventh consecutive year Vivisimo has earned a place on it.

“Each company on KMWorld’s 100 Companies that Matter list embodies as part of its culture agile and limber execution of its mission, embracing a spirit of both adaptability and innovation,” said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor in chief.

The recognition by KMWorld caps a year of strong performance for Vivisimo. The privately-held enterprise search developer continued to win new customers; it closed on its first round of financing in eight years of growth; and continued product innovation with the Velocity Search Platform 7.0™, Velocity for OEM and the Velocity Discovery Module™.

Velocity 7.0 followed Vivisimo’s industry-leading social search with conceptual search, including a new interface that gives users explicit control to fine tune queries and personalize search to meet specific information goals. Velocity for OEM leveraged the platform’s superior architecture into a modular design for deployment in different markets and applications. The Velocity Discovery Module enables auto-classification, express tagging and export of documents in their native formats for fast and easy sharing of large numbers of documents.

“Vivisimo is one of the companies that exemplifies the performance necessary for consideration for KMWorld’s list of 100 Companies that Matter,” said McKellar. “The fact that Vivisimo has been listed seven straight times illustrates tenacity and focus – traits that also reflect the continued growth and evolution of our industry into critical strategic and operational functions.”