Lozu Concepts Teams with TrueFit to Launch New U.S. Constitution Trivia Game App

TrueFit, a leading innovation firm which helps entrepreneurial start-ups and large enterprises bring new product ideas to market, today announced the go-live of a new U.S. Constitution educational game app for the iPhone and iPod touch, conceptualized by Illinois-based Lozu Concepts.

The app, Learning the U.S. Constitution Made Easy, features 170 multiple choice test questions about the U.S. Constitution, and has various skill levels to facilitate learning at all levels. The user can choose between reference, review, or testing mode, while enjoying vibrant colors and a clean user experience.

Commenting on the launch, Lozu Concepts Partner Mary Zupec remarked, “We’re exceptionally pleased with the outcome of this app, and in partnering with the TrueFit Team. In keeping with our mission to provide a positive learning experience, the app is a fantastic, fun and educational supplement to studying the Constitution.”

TrueFit Vice President Christopher R. Evans noted, “We greatly enjoyed working with the Lozu Concepts team on this project. With the Learning the U.S. Constitution Made Easy App, you’re able to reach an entirely new generation of students, their way, through iPhone and iPod touch. We also see the potential for a great long-term partnership as Lozu Concepts continues to ideate new educational games, apps and products.”

The app is available for download now in the iTunes store: http://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/learning-u.s.-constitution/id487303074?mt=8