Tech 50 Preview: Life Sciences Company of the Year

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The Tech 50 Awards gala event is only a few weeks away so be sure to learn a little bit about each finalist beforehand. Below, are brief descriptions of finalists in the Life Sciences of the Year category. More information on each finalist can be found by navigating to each company’s website. Look for a preview of each Tech 50 category on TechBurgher every other business day until the event on November 1.

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Circadiance, LLC

Circadiance develops, manufactures and markets respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. The company’s SleepWeaver soft cloth nasal CPAP mask has been lauded by sleep apnea patients and diagnosing physicians as a key to better sleep.

Complexa, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Complexa is a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of endogenous (naturally occurring) human pathway technology therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory-based and metabolic diseases.

Foundation Radiology Group

Foundation Radiology Group combines the subspecialty services of a highly-trained physician team with a state-of-the-art technology solution to provide hospitals, physicians and patients access to a high-quality, elegant diagnostic imaging solution, with industry-leading, final diagnosis in clinically relevant turnaround times.

invivodata, inc.

invivodata combines scientific expertise with practical technology and services to help pharmaceutical companies collect accurate, reliable data directly from patients in new drug clinical research. invivodata’s eCOA (Clinical Outcomes Assessments) systems drive patient compliance, eliminate recall bias and increase the efficiency in which new study data are collected.

McKesson Automation, Inc.

McKesson Automation provides health systems with high-quality, cost-effective and efficient solutions that safely deliver the right medication closest to the patient. The latest version of McKesson’s Connect-Rx® proprietary software features the exclusive RightStock inventory optimization functionality that helps hospitals reduce the incidence of costly medication stock outs.

Net Health Systems, Inc.

New Health Systems is the leading provider of clinical information systems in the rapidly growing field of chronic wound care. The company’s flagship product, WoundExpert®, offers outpatient wound clinics dynamic, real-time collection, analysis, and visualization of the wound care clinic’s success.

Quantum OPS

Quantum OPS is an innovator in the Orthopedic Surgical Patient Fixation market. Its lead technology is a uniquely designed device that facilitates effortless, rapid and secure positioning of patients of all sizes for all types of shoulder surgeries, as well as growing into the hip and knee positioned markets.

Rinovum Women’s Health

Rinovum (formerly ib2C) is a direct-to-consumer medical device company that is providing innovative health products for women designed for use at each stage of their lives. The company’s first product focuses on reproductive health to aid in natural fertility and conception in the privacy of the patient’s home.

Quantum OPS Completes Financing Round to Advance Surgical Devices


Quantum OPS

Quantum OPS, Inc., the orthopedic  technology company for today’s sophisticated operating suite professionals, announced the closing of a $1.05M Series A financing round. The round was led by the Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse (PLSG) and the PLSG Accelerator Fund with additional funding from multiple institutional and angel investors.  Invested capital will accelerate sales of Quantum OPS first product, the Quantum Shoulder Positioning System, which enables clinicians to easily immobilize, stabilize, and position patients of all sizes for shoulder surgery. It will also hasten the launch of new products. Quantum OPS current development pipeline includes a surgical arm positioner, an arthroscopic knee positioner, and other positioning accessories. “Today’s orthopedic patients are larger, budgets are smaller, and expectations are higher,” said Keith Harper, CEO of Quantum OPS. “This is an exciting time for Quantum OPS. Our shoulder positioner is just the beginning.  This financing will allow us to plan for and launch another generation of products. This will position us to fulfill more unmet clinical needs for our customers and reward our investors with profitable growth.”

Quantum OPS provides 21st century simple and efficient clinical solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s orthopedic surgical suite. Functionality across all patient types, stability, ease, and speed of use are the foundation of Quantum OPS design philosophy. The Quantum Shoulder Positioning System was released to select accounts in January, 2012, and will be available nationwide later this summer. The Positioner features both single-use disposable and re-usable elements.

“Quantum OPS has a superior technology and a team with the vision and ability to deliver on a huge opportunity.  We and our investment partners look forward to the continued growth and success of this promising portfolio company,” said John W. Manzetti, PLSG President & CEO and Founder and Managing Director of the PLSG Accelerator Fund. 

About Quantum OPS                                                                                                                                                                       

Quantum OPS is an orthopedic technology company for today’s sophisticated operating suite professionals. Our products combine ingenuity and 21st century technology designed to deliver superior clinical outcome for patients, surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists everywhere. We involve the user in every step of the design process from conception to completion to deliverable goods. Quantum OPS prides itself on its exceptional agility and responsiveness to market need. 

About the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG)

PLSG invests in and supports the growth of biosciences companies in western Pennsylvania. PLSG has a track record of excellence when it comes to attracting and growing life sciences companies in the region. Since its inception in 2002, the PLSG has invested $17.6 million in 66 companies which has leveraged $730 million in additional capital to the region. The PLSG portfolio of companies represents an aggregate market valuation which the PLSG believes it conservatively estimates as over $1 billion. The PLSG has assisted 373 life sciences companies and has helped create or retain nearly 6,000 jobs in western Pennsylvania. In addition, 34 companies or venture capital firms have been provided with office or laboratory space and 13 have been relocated to Pittsburgh from outside of the region. 

About The PLSG Accelerator Fund LLC

 The PLSG Accelerator Fund I, the for-profit venture capital arm of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse,  provides regional life sciences companies with venture capital financing, which is the next step beyond capital provided by economic development organizations; friends and family; and angel investors. As the only pure life sciences venture capital fund in the region, the Accelerator Fund is building a portfolio of early-stage life sciences investments, primarily located in western Pennsylvania and spread across several life sciences sectors including medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, healthcare information technology and biotechnology tools.