A New Spin on 360 Degree Video: EyeSee360 Launches New GoPano App

“Life happens in 360…Now your videos can too!” EyeSee360, the leader in one-shot 360 video and panoramic imaging, is pleased to announce the latest GoPano App(ver 1.5) – allowing 360 video to be seen and shared like never before.

The GoPano app lets everyday iPhone users capture the world in 360 video, right in the palm of their hand. The latest GoPano 360 iPhone App has two viewing formats in live capture: a complete panoramic/flat view that shows the complete panorama of the surroundings in one picture and an interactive 360° view. Once created, the 360 video can then be uploaded and shared with friends and family directly from the 360 iPhone app and onto Facebook and Twitter, via DropBox and on www.gopano.com, the only 360 video sharing network on the web.

Additionally, GoPano 1.5 introduces many other new features and enhancements including:

  • Basic navigation and playback support for iPads
  • Recording time limit increased to 20 minutes for iPhone 4 and 30 minutes for iPhone 4S
  • Toggle for motion controls vs. gesture-only controls
  • Video comments for GoPano.com
  • Upload queue allows multiple videos to be uploaded at once

For a full list of new features visit: http://support.gopano.com/customer/portal/articles/340707-gopano-1-5-release-information

The Future is Here: Easy Panoramic Video

Designed to make capturing 360 degree video easy for everyone, EyeSee360 has made using the GoPano micro attachment and App simple.

The design of the device lets users preview live 360 degree video as it’s recorded. GoPano micro has the widest vertical field of view, much larger than any other comparable 360 lens (90° or +/- 45°)

The two-piece case, designed to protect the users iPhone when not recording video, is simply snapped onto the iPhone along with the 360 lens and from there, users can capture the 360 action all around them by just pressing record.

Uploading videos is just as easy. To share their panoramic video experiences, users can upload their creation on Facebook, Twitter, DropBox or on www.gopano.com through the GoPano app to share with friends and family.

Pittsburgh Makes Big Presence at Consumer Electronics Show

Every January, the tech gadget-loving world focuses its attention on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in sunny Las Vegas to get a sneak peak at all of the cool tech products, electronics thing-a-ma-jigs and everything in between. A bunch of Pittsburgh area tech companies and Carnegie Mellon University are smack dab in the middle of CES. The friendly folks at CMU’s Quality of Life Technology Center sent Techburgher a few pics of some of our local companies in attendance.

Aaron Steinfeld of Tiramisu Transit / CMU Traffic 21 collaboration with the Pittsburgh Port Authority.

Kristin Hughes demoing Fitwits interactive gaming system for obesity prevention.

GoPano also pgh based showing a 360 degree camera accesdory for your iPhone.

Origami Robotics launches Romibo DIY robot kits for therapy, education or fun. Funded by Spark Foundation.