EyeFlow Spins Out ClearSkySEO

Phil Laboon is stoked to launch ClearSkySEO as an effective and budget-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

Phil Laboon is stoked to launch ClearSkySEO as an effective and budget-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

With more than a decade of experience, EyeFlow Internet Marketing has made a national name for itself as a top provider of organic search engine optimization services.

Eyeflow specializes helping business dramatically grow more Internet traffic using ethical, standards-compliant techniques and strategies.

In an industry crowded with often fly-by-night businesses, EyeFlow has developed a positive reputation by taking a personalized, hands-on approach to methodically implement its solutions.

High-level, high-touch SEO services are often out of the budgetary range for many businesses that are in dire need of increasing their search engine rankings and ultimately web traffic.

Seeing a need in the marketplace, EyeFlow CEO Phil Laboon wanted to create a service that would offer the core of EyeFlow’s high-level services, but at a fraction of the price.

He dreamed up, developed and deployed ClearSkySEO.com to bring quality organic SEO services to a new price point.

“We know the whole SEO process and have it down to a science,” says Laboon. “So now we can offer EyeFlow processes on a more automated scale.”

EyeFlow will continue to handle its high-touch accounts as ClearSkySEO will opens up a new pool of potential clients.

“We use proprietary software to automate as much as we can for ClearSkySEO to create an easy and seamless experience,” says Laboon. “But we also have experts who are constantly tweaking things behind the scenes to ensure the best results.”

ClearSky provides all of the audits, keyword research and title/meta tag development with clients being able to subscribe to a level service that meets a sweet spot of budget and need.

ClearSkySEO made it through successful beta testing in 2012 with the official product launch now well underway. Laboon said that ClearSkySEO can also be white labeled to provide traditional marketing agencies with an effective and affordable SEO solution.

Learn more at clearskyseo.com for more details. Pittsburgh Technology Council members are eligible to receive a 10 percent discount at check out.


TechVibe Radio Turns Up the Volume with Ennova, dBaza and EyeFlow

TechVibe Radio is turning up the volume on Pittsburgh’s tech sector this Saturday at noon on FM News Talk 104.7.

EyeFlow will talk about the latest trends and standards around organic search engine optimization. dBaza will step up to the mic detailing its success as a health technology company specializing in online education and training. Keep your dialed tuned, and don’t miss Ennova’s story on how they help tech companies with business strategy.

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Eyeflow Turns up the Heat with New SEOzio

Phil Laboon. He's stoked about the launch of Eyeflow's SEOzio.

Eyeflow’s Phil Laboon is stoked about the launch of SEOzio.

The Internet marketing pros at Eyeflow have raised the bar on search engine optimization consulting with the launch of SEOzio.

A quick, powerful and automated SEO consultant, SEOzio gathers information about a submitted website. Unlike an SEO consultant, it analyzes dozens of factors in seconds. This information comes from a variety of sources, including search engines, highly regarded SEO tools, and website being analyzed. Each factor that SEOzio analyzes carries weight based on how important that factor is to major search engines. SEOzio then calculates an overall SEO score and rates the website performance from 0 to 100 (100 being the strongest).

Give it a spin and test your web site for free.

Also, EyeFlow CEO Phil Laboon was profiled on IdeaMensch. It’s a great read and gives excellent insight into Phil’s entrepreneurial passions.

TechVibe Radio Features Steeler Charlie Batch

Be sure to tune in to TechVibe Radio this Saturday at noon on FM News Talk 104.7.

Be sure to tune in as Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch talks about the technology play in his upcoming “In the Pocket” event. Tech also plays a pivotal role in his Best of the Batch Foundation.

Also, EyeFlow is using Google trends to track the Presidential Election with surprising data. It gets better! Learn about exporting opportunities in the Middle East, and discover how Laurie Mizrahi has built her interactive company over the last 25 years. Take a deep breath. It will be a fun ride.

Hosted by the PTC’s CEO Audrey Russo and Director Visibility Initiatives Jonathan Kersting, TechVibe is on the air every Saturday at noon bringing you interviews and conversations from the Pittsburgh region’s fast-moving technology and entrepreneurial communities.

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Missed a previous broadcast? We have a massive library of podcasts right here.

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Eyeflow Tracks Presidential Election with Google Trends

The folks over at Eyeflow recently did a blog post titled “Obama vs. Romney: Using Google Trends” where they took a glance at the current presidential election using Google Trends, which allows you to look at the search trends for specific keywords or categories. Using tools like this to analyze topical events is Eyeflow’s business, after all. After Eyeflow got the blog post up, though, an Eyeflow employee said, “This would make a neat infographic.” Check it out right here.