Third party consulting firm finds Expedient outperformed Amazon and Rackspace

Expedient Virtual Colocation

Expedient Virtual Colocation

Cloud Spectator (the 3rd party consultant) measured the performance of Expedient’s virtual machines against comparable offerings from Amazon and Rackspace. Over a period of fifteen days, Cloud Spectator ran benchmark tests using similar resources across Expedient Virtual Colocation, Amazon AWS, and Rackspace OpenCloud. Each test was run to understand the unique performance capabilities of each provider’s CPU, internal network, RAM and disk. Cloud Spectator accounted for performance capability and stability for each provider to understand the value each one delivers to its users.

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Expedient Declares “All Clear” As Sandy Moves On

Expedient’s Operations Support Center issued notice to its customers early Tuesday morning October 30th that all of its East Coast Data Centers were back on commercial power sources and normal operating conditions would resume.  The confirmation was issued following continuous notice of emergency preparations and testing, which began late last week, when the storm was first forecasted.  All six (6) of the Expedient Data Centers affected were able to successfully weather super storm Sandy, without any service interruptions. While these emergency operating conditions are infrequent, Expedient accepts the responsibility to take additional actions to ensure the safety and continued availability of their customer’s critical data.  “Our customers depend on us to keep them up 100% of the time and we are pleased that our facilities, our employees and our third party resources were able to deliver in this instance,” said Bryan Smith, Regional Vice President of Expedient.


Measures that Expedient typically takes in emergency conditions include:

  • Additional inspection of all systems and accelerated implementation of all near term, scheduled maintenance activities.
  • Extra staff and in-house electricians are located onsite, at each facility before, during and immediately following emergency conditions.
  • Coordination activities with key, third party vendors such as Liebert, Caterpillar and diesel fuel suppliers to pre-stage expertise and materials at each data center in case of emergency need and limit response time.
  • Additional staff is brought in from non-storm-impacted markets to be available in case the local staff needs to be relieved to attend to their own families.
  • Hourly inspections of all critical systems during the storm with regular communications sent to customers to keep them informed of data center status.

The six (6) Data Centers that operated under emergency conditions during super storm Sandy are located in Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland (2) and Pittsburgh (2). In Baltimore, over 300,000 homes and businesses lost power during the storm but Expedient’s Tide Point Data Center saw no power, cooling or communication service interruption.  The Baltimore facility remained on commercial power the entire time.  In Boston, where over 500,000 people lost power, Expedient proactively switched to emergency power via their three 2.2MW generators fueled by their 30,000 gallon diesel reserves.  The facility was restored back to commercial power and normal operations 12 hours after the storm ended with no customer impact.

Two other markets, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, that were not directly in the hurricane’s path, but suffered many of the effects including high winds, intense rain storms and even some snow, remained on commercial power with 100% uptime and were not impacted.  Cleveland experienced over 260,000 residents without power and other key buildings in the area suffered significant storm damage. In many communities, in-house company data closets and data centers suffered significant problems in the midst of this storm.

“Our number one goal is to ensure that everyone is kept safe and our customer’s mission critical data is accessible at all times of the day, no matter what nature brings.  By investing tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure and then operating to stay up during times of crisis, Expedient ably serves as the infrastructural and services foundation for many company’s Disaster Recovery plans. For us, this difficult event certainly reinforces the importance of a solid disaster recovery plan that incorporates geographic diversity,” said Smith.

Securing the Network’s Leading Edge

Customers considering cloud-based services need assurances about performance and security. CIOs and IT Administrators alike must reconsider long-standing trade-offs between those two requirements and apply new approaches to reconcile them. Expedient Communications is at the forefront of innovation that helps meet that challenge. Often, when customers encounter challenges building a private cloud or integrating with a public cloud, they find that Expedient has not only faced similar obstacles, but has ultimately engineered a solution.

Expedient has published a case study detailing how to secure your network. Get it right here.

Expedient completes one data center expansion; begins a second

Expedient Communications, a Pittsburgh-based premier managed hosting provider premier managed hosting provider and the region’s largest data center company announced today the completion of a power plant upgrade project at their original Cleveland, Garfield Heights data center and the start of their expansion project to double the size of their 2nd data center within the Cleveland area.

In January 2011, Expedient announced an expansion and upgrade plan for all 6 of their markets with Cleveland beginning first. These multi‐million dollar upgrades expanded on previous investments in raised floor space, infrastructure and related power and cooling capacities of Expedient’s eight data centers to meet client demand for additional resources. “We intend to be the thoughtful and take a leadership role when it comes to implementing state of the art data centers that deliver 100% uptime and protect clients’ critical data housed within our managed hosting platforms,” stated Bryan Smith, Regional Vice President.

The $2 Million Dollar upgrade to the NEO 151 data center in Cleveland was completed in order to meet the power capacity demands of the growing customer base within Expedient’s original Cleveland Data Center. The NEO 151 data center now has two new 1.5 megawatt generators, two additional 500kVA Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems and two additional automatic transfer switches (ATS). The NEO 151 Data Center now has more than 1,600kVa of end to end capacity, configured in a redundant, A and B side power plant serving the critical load on the Data Center floor.

In addition to the NEO 151expansion, Expedient has kicked‐off the expansion of their NEO 152 data center within NEO Park which was originally opened in October of 2009. This project will double the amount of data processing space at Expedient’s 2nd Cleveland data center and will expand the current facility to a total of 21,000 square feet. It will be Expedient’s sixth data center expansion in Cleveland since 2006 and is slated for completion in Q2 2012. “We are pleased with the accelerating demand for cloud and colocation services in the Cleveland market and we look forward to the opportunities that our expansion projects will provide to our valued clients,” Smith commented.

Expedient offers a wide range of managed services such as virtualization, cloud computing, remote backups, management of equipment, storage area networks and more. These proven managed services combined with reliable and redundant SAS70 compliant data centers enables them to deliver premier colocation, network and managed services solutions to enterprise, commercial, education and government entities. To learn more please log on to , or call 877-570-7827, toll-free.