TechVibe Radio Features Enterprise Hive and Cima Software

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We have a star-studded cast ready to get behind the mic, including Enterprise Hive and Cima Software. Enterprise Hive transforms the power of individual workers in customer communities and vendor organizations in the workplace into vibrant online knowledge – sharing communities.

Cima Software Corporation, Inc. is a software solution company founded with the mission of creating very affordable yet highly functional document, image, and content management systems.

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Cima Software to Host Information Management Seminar for Manufacturers

Cima Software is hosting an Information Management Seminar for the Manufacturing Industry, March 22nd at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry Twp.

The event is to demonstrate how information management technology can help manufacturers reduce costs and improve productivity. We will discuss current and emerging technologies to help form a better understanding of these technologies and how to leverage them to become more competitive in a global economy. During the event we will share real case studies and reveal  how other manufacturers can also; Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity, Improve Document Control and Security, and Streamline Operations. The overriding goal of this seminar is to generate awareness of technology that is available that can greatly reduce operational expenses within a manufacturing organization.

The event will consist of a continental breakfast and time for networking at 7:30.

At 7:45 we will begin with some background of our presenters and about Cima-Software.

At 8:00 we will look at a broad overview of Information Management, and then transition into Technology that can be applied to make Information Management more efficient.

We will discuss specific applications in manufacturing in which efficiencies can be improved and how. We will also look at specific case studies on local manufacturers, and discuss identified issues and implemented solutions for each. After the presentation is complete we will have an hour for  breakout sessions, so that individuals can gain further understanding about topics they are interested in.

This is a free event in which space is limited so attendees are encouraged to register for the event early by calling 412-963-7390 or emailing


Cima Software, a major provider of a process oriented Document Management software product called DocuClass, was chosen as the “Document Management Software of Choice” by the AEPA.

The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) is a group of agencies organized for the purpose securing combined volume purchasing contracts. Purchasing agencies such as the AEPA exist due to the fact that they are able to provide advantages for both the businesses with which they hold contracts as well as the schools that they represent.

Companies like Cima Software enjoy relationships with educational purchasing agencies as they raise the bid threshold requirements of the schools, which can often allow these businesses to provide their solutions bid-process free. On the other hand, the AEPA is an attractive opportunity from a school district’s perspective because not only has the vendor’s quality already been confirmed by the AEPA, but they also receive significant discounts when purchasing through an agency.

Cima Software is very happy that DocuClass has been selected as the choice Document Management Software by such as large organization – and it should. The AEPA is present in 23 states and represents 25 million students. For this reason, the acquirement of a contract with the AEPA can be very time consuming and meticulous, for the vendor must submit a comprehensive bid that includes information to suggest that they are the most qualified solutions provider for all k-12 school districts.

DocuClass was chosen as the best solution for a few specific reasons, the most prominent of which being their proven track record with schools and intermediate units in their home state of Pennsylvania. In these school districts, they have successfully tackled many problems, especially in the fields of student records management, accounting, and teacher management/hiring. Cima Software now hopes to continue to help schools nationwide, as they have the newly added support of the AEPA.