Sales Bunny Hops Into Business

Entrepreneurs strive to grow their businesses and increase sales.  One thing businesses can’t afford is to sit back and wait for clients to come knocking on their door. Sales Bunny is a business that is in business to help entrepreneurs grow their sales.

“The dream of any entrepreneur is to have professionals to market their product without having any up front expenses.  Sales Bunny makes this dream come true,” said Dalit Shalom, VP International Business Development, Rubicon Business Group.

Sales Bunny doesn’t fit the traditional mold of a marketing company. There are no upfront costs to the client.   Sales Bunny generates the leads and makes the sales.

“Having years of proven experience and success in marketing and improving SMB’s, we are happy to present a new and break through concept in the business arena, offering executive marketing and sales for our customers, while preventing risks of financial, marketing and advertising expenses,” said Shalom. “Customers pay only for results.”

“ It’s not until a business lacks sales, that the business owners realize that they need a better sales and marketing strategy,” said Jeff Lizik, of C-leveled/CEO for Sales Bunny.  “The challenge that we hear most often is that business owners can’t pay for marketing and advertising when they don’t have enough sales.  It’s often times the cart before the horse game.”

Sales Bunny engagements vary for each client, and could include website solutions, B2B telemarketing/sales, search engine optimization, social media, paid search, and traditional advertising.  Sales Bunny is currently accepting applications; engagement timeframe could vary depending on the length of estimated sales cycles.

There are three key types of businesses that can benefit directly from Sales Bunny: 1) B2C’s that struggle with online sales; 2) B2B’s that simply need more inside sales; 3) and SaaS based subscription models.

“The first businesses to be accepted at Sales Bunny include two ecommerce businesses, a SaaS based company, a B2B software company, and a restaurant chain looking for a boost in gift card sales,” added Lizik.  “Sales Bunny is simply looking for businesses that need a significant boost in sales and are a good match for the services we provide.”

C-leveled worked with Rubicon Business Group, founders of the Sales Bunny concept, to develop and launch Sales Bunny in the U.S.  Sales Bunny launched February 2014.   C-leveled will continue to operate Sales Bunny, lending its bench of marketing talent to execute strategies.  For more information, and to apply to Sales Bunny, go to

C-Leveled Presents HR Seminar

Join C-Leveled for a lively presentation on getting your human resources in order prior to the due diligence phase.

Presentation Topics:

The importance of clarifying the status of everyone involved as early as possible. 

Understand the differences between a partner, owner, officer, employee, independent contractor and those who do not fall into any category, and the benefits and risks associated with each role.

Addressing the issue of compensation up front.

Understand the legal obligations, risks, and best practices in paying individuals through equity, a wage, a draw, etc.


Learn about best practices in partnership agreements, at-will employment, letters of understanding, non-competition provisions, and confidentiality agreements.


November 5, 2013

Who should attend: Founders, Entrepreneurs

Networking: 5 pm -5:30 pm

Program: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Happy hour & networking to follow

C-leveled, 4117 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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Michael Annichine is the new CEO at C-Leveled.

Michael Annichine is the new CEO at C-Leveled.

C-leveled announced that effective September 1, 2013 Michael Annichine will be C-leveled’s new Chief Executive Officer.

C-leveled was founded on the premise that we will always make recommendations to our clients about the people we believe are right for developing their company,” said Denise DeSimone, Founder of C-leveled.  “Mike has grown several businesses.  He understands the needs of businesses and how to advance them.  He has a great vision for our employees and clients.”

Annichine, with 20 years experience in developing local and national businesses, served as the Director of Investment Programs for the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse. He was also the founder of CFS Home Loans.  Most recently, he led in the development of a mobile app with concierge service that was a product of a start-up company.

“C-leveled is an exciting company that is setting the pace for helping companies to develop, launch and grow into profitable businesses within our region,” said Annichine.  “I’m excited to join the talented people at C-leveled in their efforts to reset the bar while attracting new companies, collaborating and taking concepts to market.”

This summer there have been numerous achievements for C-leveled.  In June, C-leveled moved to its new 20,000-square foot space in Bloomfield where it shares space with portfolio and startup companies.  Shortly after the move, came the announcement of the acquisition of Fintel, a leading provider of data services, located in Wisconsin.  In July, C-leveled launched HONCHO, a comprehensive data analytics, business intelligence and benchmarking software.   August brought the announcement of targeted investment aimed at supporting C-leveled’s commitment.

Annichine is a member of the Three Rivers Entrepreneurs and sits on several local boards including the Pittsburgh Charity Classic, Autism Center of Pittsburgh (ACP), and the Enterprise Forum Pittsburgh (MIT); which supports multiple local entrepreneurs and helps promote an environment that enables success by bringing together talent and ideas with resources that can help them grow. He is committed to helping small companies and non-profits raise money and awareness locally to enhance our Pittsburgh Community.

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