CommuniTech Launches “Marketing Rescue!” Program

 a Pittsburgh-based full-service marketing firm launched ‘Marketing Rescue!’ service. As part of this aggressive offering, Pam Selker Rak, veteran Pittsburgh-based marketing entrepreneur, would ‘rescue’ failing or ill-producing marketing programs in two days on a $10,000 budget.The service would be backed up by CommuniTech’s team of designers, web programmers, CRM experts and marketing strategists.

“I’ve always joked that my dream job would be to start a reality show called, ‘Marketing Rescue!’ said Pam Selker Rak, president of CommuniTech, LLC. “I even have my pitch to network execs all figured out: It’s bad marketing meets Bar Rescue or Restaurant Impossible. But then I thought, why do I have to wait to implement this idea? I’m practically doing this already, minus TV cameras!” As part of the service, Rak would first assess the problems with a participating organization’s current marketing program, and would then, along with the CommuniTech team, create a new marketing strategy based on the revenue goals of the organization; oversee the redesign of campaigns; set up a process to measure the program; educate the leadership team; and, train the marketing staff to carry out the new program long after CommuniTech leaves. The direction of the engagement would be two days onsite with the company at a fixed cost of $10,000.

“CommuniTech is in its 16th year as a successful marketing firm with national clientele,” explains Rak. “As part of my role as marketing educator, I do a lot of educational sessions whereby I teach other marketers how to improve results while also proving the value of marketing to their leadership teams. At CommuniTech, we’ve developed a process-driven marketing program that our clients use very successfully, and I’m confident we would meet the challenge of our new service by ‘renovating’ marketing programs to the point where marketing teams could report its return on investment and compile reports that tie marketing directly to qualified leads and leads directly to closed sales.”

To determine if an organization is in need of a ‘Marketing Rescue,’ consider the following:

1. Can you report to your leadership team – on a regular basis and at any given time – as to what the precise return on investment is for your current marketing program?

2. Are your marketing campaigns getting at least a 2-5+% response rate consistently?

3. Can you prove to your sales team that you’re generating highly qualified leads against criteria that they helped create and bought into ahead of time?

4. Does your marketing program directly help meet the company’s annual revenue goals?

5. Do customers or prospects comment positively about your brand, to the point where they’re engaging in your social media program and evangelizing for you?

If someone answers ‘no’ to at least three of these questions, their business is probably wasting thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of dollars each and every year on ineffective marketing and need a ‘Marketing Rescue!’ CommuniTech is initially offering its service exclusively for Pennsylvania-based organizations.

For organizations interested in applying for this service, visit

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