5 Strategies for a Better PM/BA Relationship

By Carol Drew, Vice President of Doreen Evans Associates

Given the importance of the relationship between the Project Manager and the Business Analyst on a project team, how can an organization nurture this key relationship and, in the process, ensure better team performance?  Here are five basic strategies you can employ:

1. Train and cross training PMs and BAs on methodology and roles. Each should understand the responsibilities of the other and agree on how to attain outcomes.

2. Build two-person teams of PMs and BAs who can work together more than once so they can get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Reward collaboration and cultivate PMs and BAs who exhibit the best characteristics of their respective roles.

4. Chose PMs and BAs who naturally understand the value of compromise and work actively together to manage risk.

5. Develop a mindset where professionals over-communicate to ensure that nothing gets missed.

Amid the training and collaborative exercises, be sure to pay close attention to the interdependencies of the two professionals. One of the major strategic areas of overlap between the PM and BA roles, for example, is the area of scope definition and management. These professionals should be deeply involved in discussions such as this which are deceptively straightforward, but end up playing havoc on schedules and budgets.

Read more about the critical relationship that exists between a team’s PM its BA by reading “The Project Hunger Games.” You can find the story by clicking: http://goo.gl/c27o2

Carol Drew, Vice President of Doreen Evans Associates, Inc., is a Pittsburgh resident and International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP). She is ready to work with companies that need the expertise of trained business analysts (BAs) on their mission-critical projects. You can reach Carol Drew at 724-733-5033 or via email at cdrew@doreenevans.com.

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