Walt Disney Seeking Postdoctoral Researcher in Pittsburgh

The Walt Disney Company is a world-class entertainment and technology leader. Walt’s passion was to continuously envision new ways to move audiences around the world—a passion that remains our touchstone in an enterprise that stretches from theme parks, resorts and a cruise line to sports, news, movies and a variety of other businesses. Uniting each endeavor is a commitment to creating and delivering unforgettable experiences — and we’re constantly looking for new ways to enhance these exciting experiences. Bring your individual talents here and discover for yourself why a career with Disney is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Postdoctoral Researcher  APPLY HERE!

A postdoctoral position is limited to a term of one to two years, with a research portfolio that includes projects led by a Senior Research Scientist or Research Scientist, as well as smaller self-initiated projects. Self-initiated projects should be based on needs gathered from the business units, areas of expertise available in the labs, and knowledge of the research frontier. Typical responsibilities of a Postdoctoral Researcher include, but are not limited to the following:

• Collaborate with experts and executives in Disney’s businesses to identify research problems worthy of research investment.
• Independently conceive of and propose research problems that are relevant to Disney’s businesses.
• Conduct research inspired by those problems.
• Conduct research directed by an assigned Senior Research Scientist or Research Scientist.
• Present research problems, plans, and results.
• Document research in internal reports, peer-reviewed publications, and patent applications.
• Work with Disney’s businesses to commercialize research results.
• Provide expert consulting to various business units of The Walt Disney Company.

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