Education Technology Conferences Around the Nation

Working in EdTech? Check out some of these great national conferences!

  TODAY! The EdTech Meetup (Colorado): Denver, CO: July 11, 6:00 pm. This upcoming gathering welcomes all about getting happy with coding. Do you know anyone who wants to crack the “mystery” of HTML, CSS and Javascript? Join the mashup of Ed Tech Meetup & Boulder Developer Collective for one night where folks (seventh grade and up) of all skill levels are welcome to learn, teach, and showcase web-building and Javascript projects.
  SOLD OUT! Google Apps for Education California Summit: Santa Clara, CA: July 12-13. The two-day event focuses on deploying, integrating and using Google Apps for Education to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. The program features Google Certified Teachers, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers, practicing administrators, solution providers, Google engineers, and representatives from the Google Apps for Education team. Tix hover around the $200 mark–register here.
  TOMORROW! Educelerate: the Chicago EduTech Meetup: Chicago, IL: July 12, 6:00 pm. The second Educelerate Meetup will feature three of Chicago’s leading post-secondary education pioneers who’ve all founded companies: Jack Larson (Career Education Corp. and Triumph Education), Michael Markovitz (Argosy Education), and Howard Tullman (Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy). Price: a mere $0.50.
  O’Reilly Open Source Convention: Portland, OR: July 16-20. Serious thinkers and tinkerers converge for a meeting of the minds on all matters open source. The five-day event is split into tracks that dive into business and programming languages, but there’s one devoted specifically for open edu. Tix run pretty steep but discounts are available.
  NEW! NYEdTech Meetup: New York, NY: July 17, 7:00 pm. Hosted at the hip Hatchery, this meetup will feature panelists Adrienne Garber and Paul Stengel from Columbia U’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. They’ll be tackling the ever-important question: how will future Schools of Educations equip teachers with the know-how to better locate, adopt and implement edtech?
  BLC Conference: Boston, MA: July 18-20. Join teachers, curriculum directors, technology directors, media specialists, and other leaders from around the world for a series of workshops and sessions on impacting teaching and learning. Conference strands tackle curriculum design, Common Core, communication skills, professional development, and much more. TED’s Chris Anderson will be among the distinguished speakers.
  EDVentures Conference: Miami, FL: July 19-21. Organized by Education Industry Association. This gathering at the beachfront Eden Roc Hotel and Resort will bring together best and brightest for an in-depth look at industry trends, opportunities for business growth, and leadership from industry experts. Last year’s lineup included Tom Vander Ark and Frank Catalano. Check out this year’s sked.
  5th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning: Las Vegas, NV: July 25-27. Organized by Sloan-C, this year focuses on emerging and innovative uses of technology designed to improve teaching and learning online. Get your networking on and party down at the Venetian-Palazzo with fellow peers and educators, who’ll be in full force. Sessions will cover everything from data and analytics and hot new tools to student and teacher development. Different registration options available.


  Google Apps for Education Rocky Mountain Summit: Boulder, CO: August 2-3. After California, Google’s ed-apps tour takes it show to the Boulder Marriott for another high-intensity, two-day event on deploying, integrating and using Google Apps for Education. Speakers include folks from the company’s many education initiatives along with local Google Certified Teachers and educators. Tix hover around the $200 mark–register here.
  Stanford Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) Expo: Stanford, CA: August 3, 4:00 pm. The Stanford School of Education hosts its Master’s Project Exposition on Friday, August 3 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Center for Educational Research at Stanford. The public is invited to meet with LDT students about their projects that demonstrate the latest designs of learning experienced enhanced by new technologies.
  NEW! EdTechup: Boston, MA: August 8, 6:00 pm. Come learn from local edtech founders on how they plan on disrupting higher ed. Join panelists Pano Anthos (GatherEducation), Jill Frankfort (Persistence Plus), and Stephen Marcus (Matchbox), along with a vibrant crowd that’s always down to get groovy with ideas. $10-$15, depending on when you purchase.
  Serious Play Conference: Redmond, WA: August 21-23. Check out all the latest and raddest simulations and serious games at the the sacred halls of the DigiPen Institute. You’ll find just about everything here–from your basic Flash math apps to state-of-the-art biofeedback simulations for combat stress and medical training. Yeah, pretty serious–and not the typical commercial-grade games you’ll find on store shelves. EdSurge’s Tony was there last year.


  Ed Tech 2013: Boston, MA: September 27. Education Week’s annual Leadership Forum for district leaders kicks off in Boston for a day-long extravaganza on new approaches to using digital tools to raise student achievement. This year’s speakers include author Rob Mancabelli, Will Richardson (Power Learning Practice co-founder) and Rick Ogston (executive director of Carpe Diem Schools). $300 for “ed leaders”; $1500 for most everyone else.
  EdNET 2012: Baltimore, MD: September 30-October 2.Join hundreds upon hundreds of executives and industry leaders for three days of networking and building business relationships. It’s an expensive ticket (close to $1K). In 2011, EdSurge friend, Snehal Patel, founder of math social gaming company, Sokikom, describes EdNet as “uber-networking. The meeting brings together lots of big, traditional companies in the K-20 space.” Great place if you’re looking to cozy up to those players.


  Ed Tech 2013: Detroit, MI: October 5. Education Week’s Leadership Forum roadshow stops next in Detroit. in Boston for a day-long extravaganza on new approaches to using digital tools to raise student achievement. Join author Rob Mancabelli, Will Richardson (Power Learning Practice co-founder), Rick Ogston (executive director of Carpe Diem Schools), and a host of district leaders from around the country. $300 for “ed leaders”; $1500 for most everyone else.
  Wireless EdTech Conference: Washington, DC: October 10-12. This brainy gathering of policy wonks, educators, content players and wireless providers will join forces to leverage mobile platforms for learning. (Did you know the number of mobile devices are expected to surpass the world population this year?) Attendees last year raved; check out last year’s highlights here. We like the rather reasonable registration fees: $75 for educators and government folks; $100 for biz peeps.
  Open Education Conference: Vancouver, British Columbia. October 16-18. The “annual reunion of the open education family” meets up in Vancouver this fall to discuss the roadmap to move “beyond content” and tackle the infrastructures needed to support the burgeoning OER movement. Talks will be framed around open policy, assessments, support, teaching and business models. Register by September 15 to save.
  Seattle Startup Weekend EDU: Seattle, WA. October 19-21. The bonanza of teachers, developers, and biz folks joining forces to turn wacky pitches into working prototypes arrives in Seattle. More details forthcoming.
  iNACOL Virtual School Symposium: New Orleans, LA. October 21-24. Over 2,000 representatives from national, state, district, private, and other virtual school programs will gather for this major conference devoted to K-12 online and blended learning. Attendees will no doubt enjoy networking opportunities, along with an agenda that’s already packed across the board. Register by August 20 to save.
  GFE 16th Annual Conference: New York City, NY. October 24-26. If you’re a nonprofit, consider checking out the annual gathering of the Grantmakers for Education, an organization of private and public nonprofits that provide support for educational philanthropies. Last year’s sessions highlighted the craft of education grantmaking, covering a range of topics across early learning, K-12 education, out-of-school time and postsecondary success. Salman Khan will be one of many speakers this year. Register by September 26.


  Dust or Magic: Lamberville, NJ. November 4-6. So it’s an hour away from Newark, NJ, but the drive is well worth it for those interested in exploring the latest children’s interactive media. The three-day event, geared toward designers and researchers, includes sessions on child development, demos, critiques, testing and brainstorm sessions, including time with children talking about what they like and hate when it comes to interactive products. Attendees will have a chance to get their hands on the latest apps, toys, and video games.
  Global Education Conference: November 12-16. Online and free! Imagine thousands of teachers, milling around the same cyberspot, charged up by interesting conversations and speakers from around the planet. Last year we spoke with‘s Neil Dsouza, who shared some of his incredible work in Mongolia. This year? Stay tuned!
  National Summit on Education Reform: Washington D.C. November 27-28. A “one-stop-shop” for lawmakers and policymakers slugging away at education reform. Last year, which featured Sal Khan and Rupert Murdoch, was certainly eventful (for lack of a better word), with protestors heckling and questioning the motives of for-profits in edtech. Hey–who says these things can’t get a little rowdy?


  Big Ideas Fest: Half Moon Bay, CA. December 2-5. ISKME’s annual event always brings out the best and the brightest. The shakers and movers behind the latest innovations in edtech will get their creative juices flowing over three days of brainstorming, designing, learning and sharing.
  TIES Education Technology Conference: Minneapolis, MN. December 10-11. Major event on everything edtech, including emerging technologies, professional development, digital citizenship, and much more. Last year boasted an impressive lineup of policymakers, educators, professors, and pioneering individuals including Joel Rose, Steve Midgley and Chris Dede. More info forthcoming.

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