RJ Lee Group Launches Newsletter and Microsite for the Intersection of Science, Policy, and Regulatory Matters


RJ Lee Group

RJ Lee Group, Inc., industrial forensics laboratory and consulting firm, announced a new initiative that will provide insights from RJ Lee Group experts on issues relating to science, policy, and regulation.  The major elements of the initiative will be an e-mail newsletter entitled “Scientific Insights at the Intersection of Policy and Regulatory Matters” and a supporting microsite.  The inaugural edition of the bi-monthly newsletter was sent to subscribers last week.

“We are very excited to offer this resource that will provide up-to-date information on relevant technical and scientific issues.  It has been a few years since we have had a regular newsletter to share with clients, so we are eager to get this rolling again,” commented Dr. Richard J. Lee, Chief Executive Officer.  “We continue to strive to share our experts’ knowledge with the public.  This newsletter and website allow us to further that goal by offering insights that would not otherwise be available.”

The Scientific Insights e-mail newsletter will feature analysis of new policies or regulations, highlight new key publications, showcase subject matter experts that have joined the company, share resourceful articles read by our company experts, and more.  The microsite will support the newsletter with full length articles, biographies of experts, and a comprehensive downloadable resource section.  Both the newsletter and microsite will have content addressing issues in the current spotlight, such as those dealing with construction materials, corrosion, nanotechnology, root cause failure analysis, particle characterization, air quality, and post-disaster assessments, as well as those dealing with traditional and recurring issues such as asbestos and fly ash.

The microsite is accessible online at http://www.insights.rjlg.com/ and contains a form to subscribe to receive the Scientific Insights e-mail newsletter.

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