RFP: Human Services Center Corporation Seeks Mobile App

The Human Services Center Corporation (HSCC) is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified firms or individuals to assist with the creation of a mobile application.


Firms or individuals responding to this RFP shall submit one (1) electronic PDF copy of the proposal to mplassmeyer@hscc-mvpc.org. No paper proposals will be accepted and any proposal that fails to provide the required components will be rejected. Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the Submittal Requirements of this RFP no later than noon on Friday, July 13, 2012 to:

Attn: Mark Plassmeyer, Program Associate
Human Services Center Corporation
529 Penn Avenue Turtle Creek, PA 15145


The Human Services Center was established in 1982 under an initiative of the Allegheny County Commissioners. The Human Services Center Corporation improves the quality of life for children, adults, and families in the Mon Valley area.

Based on the current statistics, Mon Valley communities such as McKeesport have among the highest per capita incidence of HIV/AIDS reported. Braddock has five times the per capita incidence of STD’s compared to the city of Pittsburgh. Similarly, McKeesport and Duquesne have per capita rates of STD’s compared to Pittsburgh. Considering the significant increase in number of reported cases, HSCC along with other member agencies of Mon Valley Providers Council (MVPC) collaboratively decided to pursue this study to eventually implement solutions that help reduce-to-eliminate the risks of propagation.

Being the facilitator and governing authority, HSCC would like to seek professional help from qualified individuals (or) firms with strategic, technical and analytical skills to design and develop an easy-to-use, high performing, and scalable mobile application.

Services Requested

1) Qualifications of the developer

The developer should possess hands-on experience in developing mobile applications that are cross platform compatible.

The developer must have experience in native application development using iOS SDK and Android SDK. End product should be cross-platform compatible.

Experience developing application using Sencha’s JS Touch mobile web framework is preferred.

Working knowledge with PhoneGap or similar frameworks will be a plus.

The developer should have experience with large data sets and various data formats (JSON, JSONP, XML), and web services API’s

SQLite or similar database implementation experience is preferable.

2) Services

STD Testing Center:

The solution should be an easy, intuitive and reliable source of information with the following features focused on STD/HIV testing centers.
• Location based result-set of testing centers that can be updated through zip code
• List testing center contact information and operating times
• Details about insurance and free services
• Data should be Up-to-date (data-set can be accessed via the Webservice API exposed at http://locator.aids.gov/data)
• Ability to publish information such as signs & symptoms and expectations at testing centers will be provided

The solution should be cross platform compatible; that is, it should be functional in various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows based devices (smart phones and tablets).
Since there is a transient population who do not own a smart phone; HSCC would like to implement a solution that is also functional in modern web browsers that are enabled with WebKit and WebGL capabilities along with HTML5 support (Chrome, Safari, etc). A prototype mobile application built using Sencha JS Touch 2.0 can be provided as a point of reference for sample features. The same prototype solution will be functional in the browsers as listed above.
The application should be fast, intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to fetch and possess skins that are theme-able (CSS3 and SAAS features embedded)

The application will have to posses some implementation of SQLite (or similar light-weight file system based database) and/or local cache store management solution to host data that are proprietary to HSCC. Example: Videos, Photos, Animations and Feeds.

The application should have a built-in support to profile and track usability patterns and statistics. The goal is to track the location where the application is being downloaded – this way HSCC can monitor the pattern and sketch a plan to proactively help community members of that area to prevent further disease spread and/or other outbreaks. (Example: Google analytics)

Following data needs tracked:
• Location by zip code
• Device type, make and manufacturer
• Statistics on usage patterns (what resources being accesses and how often?)

The application should posses sections/tabs to showcase real-time feeds about HIV/STD and all related information (details on data-set and feeds will be either from a government exposed API’s or HSCC will provide it). Apart from the feeds, there should also be a section/tab to host videos and animation to educate users about HIV/STD. The expectation through this application is to provide all resources and links that pertain to educating people and create awareness of the disease.


HSCC would also require a link within their website that redirects to respective mobile application stores to advertise and self-market the developed mobile application. The goal is to provide easy access for community members to educate about the application to eventually motivate them towards installing it on their smart phones/tablets.

Technical Questions

All technical questions regarding the Request for Proposal (RFP) shall be directed by email no later than noon on Friday, June 22, 2012 to:

Name: Mark Plassmeyer, Program Associate
Email: mplassmeyer@hscc-mvpc.org

Technical questions must reference this RFP and include the firm’s and consultants’ name, company, email address, and contact information.

Evaluation Criteria

1) Proposal review

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of best “fit” with the HSCC requirements based on:
• Services Offered
• Price
• Experience in relevant technologies and clients they have worked with
• Timeline & Estimates
• Deliverable Quality
• The proposed methodology and alignment with HSCC’s mission and product requirements

2) Interview

The top candidates may be interviewed to determine the best “fit” that meets the HSCC’s needs. If pursued, the interviews will be conducted at :

Location: 413 or 519 Penn Avenue Turtle Creek, PA 15145
Phone: 412-829-7112
Fax: 412-829-4363

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