Pittsburgh-Silicon Valley Business Mission Ready for Takeoff

The Pittsburgh Technology Council is taking 16 of its member companies to Silicon Valley this week.

Tomorrow, the Pittsburgh Technology Council (with 16 of its member companies) will join forces with PA Gov. Tom Corbett, the leadership of Carnegie Mellon University and other regional economic development leaders to promote the Pittsburgh region to Silicon Valley as a center for entrepreneurship and as a pivotal location to build successful technology businesses.

As part of the mission, we are hosting 16 of Pittsburgh’s most exciting technology companies/entrepreneurs for a full day of meetings with Silicon Valley venture capital firms. This track was enabled through sponsorships from the teams atAlpern Rosenthal and Morgan Lewis.

Pittsburgh tech companies attending the Silicon Valley business mission were vetted by regional VCs, angels and business leaders. They include:

  • AllPoint Systems
  • ClearCount
  • Cognition Therapeutics
  • CommunityVibe
  • Epiphany Solar Water Systems
  • First Insight
  • Insurance Zebra
  • LoyalTree
  • NoWait
  • Plextronics
  • Seegrid
  • Shoefitr
  • That Pharmaceuticals
  • Voci
  • WebKite
  • Wombat Security Technologies

Get updates throughout the day of the Pittsburgh-Silicon Valley Business Mission (8/14) right here on Techburgher, facebook.com/pghtech and twitter.com/pghtech #pghsiliconvalley. We’ll beam back video, podcasts and updates. Also, look for a full-report at the end of the mission.

To learn more about this upcoming business development mission, click here to read the official press release.

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