Phipps Conservatory hosts Center for Sustainable Landscapes Grand Opening

Phipps Executive Director, Richard Piacentini, giving a media tour of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

When it is fully operational next month, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens will be one of the greenest buildings in the entire world. Designed to meet the highest environmental building standards, including the prestigious Living Building Challenge, the CSL is a net-zero energy structure that produces all of the power it uses on site. The CSL will also capture, treat and reuse all water that is used on-site.

This morning, Phipps Executive Director Richard Piacentini led a tour of the facility for several members of the local media and will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony tonight at the CSL for civic and social benefactors. Piacentini said that the building will be completed by June and will be used as office space for Phipps’ staff, as well as a community research and exhibition center to engage students of all ages, from pre-K to Ph.D. level, around the benefits of sustainable building practices.

TEQ magazine featured the CSL on the cover of its Spring issue providing in-depth coverage of the

TEQ magazine featured the Center for Sustainable Landscapes on the cover of its Spring 2012 issue.

sustainable technologies integrated into the facility. It is notable that all of the materials, contractors and technologies used in the construction of the CSL were locally sourced, with several local tech companies getting involved including, Epiphany Solar Water Solutions, PPG Industries and Berner International. To read more about the green technologies used in the CSL, check out the interactive edition of Spring TEQ.

“Designed and built by Pittsburghers and Pennsylvanias as an innovation for the world, the CSL will serve as a model for how we can all work together with nature to make our communities healthier, safer and more supportive of life,” Piacentini said in a statement. “It will also give visitors the opportunity to see just how beautiful and practical green can be.”

Click here for more information on the Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Very cool article. Who knew Pittsburgh had such a thing?

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