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The show will include:

• Donna Barger of SG&D Communications
• Dave Massaro and Mike Tarle of Massaro
• Robert Burns of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
• Rob Bagay of Sierra w/o Wires
• Dave Kerney and Chris Cochran of Cold Cypress

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ClearCount Nabs Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” Award

The editors of Popular Science have named Pittsburgh-based ClearCount’s SmartSponge® System one of the top technology innovations of 2009. As a winner off a “Best of What’s New” award in the health category, the SmartSponge System stands out as the first and only system to incorporate the efficiency of counting with the safety of detection for the prevention of left-behind sponges during surgery.

“We are honored to be recognized by Popular Science Magazine as a company that is making revolutionary strides in the improvement of patient safety and productivity in the operating room,” said David Palmer, ClearCount’s President and CEO. “This award is a reflection of our entire team’s passion and commitment in making a positive impact on the lives of patients, surgeons and OR nurses worldwide.”

Each year, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products in search of the top 100 tech innovations of the year; breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. The winners – the Best of What’s New – are awarded inclusion in the much-anticipated December issue of Popular Science, the
most widely read issue of the year since the debut of Best of What’s New in 1987.

MadgeTech, Inc. Introduces the OctThermoVault an Eight Channel Oven Temperature Profiler

MadgeTech, Inc., a leader in reliable, low-cost data logging solutions is pleased to announce the release of the OctThermoVault, an eight channel thermocouple based oven temperature profiler.

The OctThermoVault can be placed directly in an oven to provide a complete temperature profile of the entire process.

With up to eight channels, both product and environmental temperatures can be captured. Each thermocouple has its own cold junction compensation reference point, providing increased accuracy and response time.

The OctThermoVault can withstand temperatures up to 350ºC (662ºF) for 25 minutes and has programmable reading rates as fast as 4Hz. Each channel can store up to 500,000 readings. Channels can be enabled or disabled to maximize memory capacity. For identification, each channel can be named with a ten character title. If a probe is removed or severed during logging, the device detects this change and the software will automatically annotate the data to indicate an open thermocouple.

The OctThermoVault is ideal for use in oven temperature profiling for the food processing industry and other heat treating applications. Simply start the logger and place it within the monitoring area. Data from all channels is simultaneously logged. After the monitoring cycle is complete data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

The OctThermoVault is priced at $1699. For more information please visit www.madgetech.com or call (603) 456-2011.

Aerotech APT Series Pan and Tilt Systems Meet the Needs of Security, Defense, and Surveillance Markets

Aerotech Pan and Tilt (APT) systems are designed for your most demanding positioning requirements. Building on Aerotech’s extensive experience in building AZ/EL positioning systems, direct-drive rotary stages, and motion simulators for the military, government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry, the APT series expands our product line to meet the needs of the security, defense, and surveillance markets worldwide.

The APT series high-precision pan and tilt mounts combine proven high-precision mechanics with industry-leading control technology in a single, unified package. The drive mechanism includes a unique gear preloading feature that self-adjusts for the effects of wear and temperature variation, resulting in no degradation in positioning performance over the life of the product. A built-in Aerotech Ensemble controller responds to motion commands via an Ethernet connection, or it can be programmed to operate in a stand-alone configuration.

APT performance specifications include continuous 360° pan with a maximum speed of 180°/second, tilt range of ±95° with a maximum speed of 180°/second, position resolution of 7.6 arc seconds, and position accuracy of 120 arc seconds. The 35 kg payload allows mounting of a variety of different cameras.

An integrated slip-ring carries camera connections to the base of the unit. Continuous pan rotation with limited-travel tilt is standard. Options are available to meet a wide range of camera mounting, signal feed-through, and termination requirements. An inertial stabilization option is available that integrates gyroscopes and inertial sensors to actively maintain the line-of-sight when operated on aircraft, ships, and land vehicles.

For further information please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at smclane@aerotech.com. In addition, the APT Series data sheet is available at http://www.aerotech.com/products/optmnts/apt.html.