Bayer Corporation CEO Greg Babe Named “CEO Communicator of the Year”

Greg Babe, President and CEO of Bayer Corporation and Bayer MaterialScience LLC, was named the 2009 “CEO Communicator of the Year” by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Pittsburgh Chapter. Babe accepted the award at the annual PRSA Renaissance Awards Ceremony on January 21.

Babe was honored for his excellence in communications as the leader of Bayer’s U.S. operations and for his ongoing efforts to promote Pittsburgh worldwide.  This includes: 

  • Establishing news media accessibility through local and national interviews.
  • Encouraging local and national news media to cover business, education and diversity issues.
  • Advancing Bayer internal communications via an Intranet site and hosting regular events for Bayer employees and retirees.
  • Actively promoting worldwide attention to the Pittsburgh region throughout the G-20 Summit.
  • Leading the community team that secured and announced the United Nations’ 2010 World Environment Day to be held in Pittsburgh on June 5. 

CompuWiz to Rebrand and Make Key Hires in 2010

In January, many businesses are gearing up for the new year with new goals and opportunities. Some companies use these transitions to grow little by little each year, and others project a complete transition in their business. For CompuWiz, the goal for 2010 is to make a transition by building their brand that has been comfortably humble over the past decade. 

“We are taking large strides forward, but building a team is harder than you might imagine. Finding the right people to fill a position that never existed before is especially hard – but we’re moving forward at a reasonable pace,” Eve Hemy, owner of technology company CompuWiz, said when discussing the move her company is making in 2010. The thirteen-year-old company is expanding from their smaller operation with minimal employees to one with a sales and IT team, business consultant, and marketing department. 

“We have been building our business steadily over the last decade through referrals and clients who have stayed with us throughout the years. We realize that although this has made our business successful, we can improve by adding to our team so that we are well-equipped to reach out to new businesses. Step by step, we are implementing new systems and are anticipating 2010 will be a new beginning for CompuWiz,” Hemy said enthusiastically. 

Brian Ward is the most recent addition to CompuWiz in the position of Sales Account Executive. His prior experience includes working as General Foreman and Sweep Tech for Three Bridges Communication in Belle Vernon as well as a Sales Engineer with Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc. in West Virginia. 

CompuWiz is still looking to hire experts in the field for senior positions in their IT Department. Anyone interested should email a resume to

CompuWiz, located in the North Hills, specializes in complete system design, hardware and software solutions, computer networking, and network infrastructure installations for businesses and institutions of all sizes. Their clients include the Emergency Medical Service Institute in Robinson Township and Carnegie Mellon University, among others. 

Circuits, LLC Now Offers Rigid-Flex

Combining rigid and flexible substrates into a single printed circuit board offers designers the ability to improve reliability by reducing connector counts and complex wiring configurations. With the addition of an innerlayer adhesion promotion system, Circuits, LLC’s engineering team released the rigid-flex PCB manufacturing operations to production to offer a more dependable and cost effective alternative for their customers. Rigid- flex PCBs enable weight-reduction and more compact packaging with improved performance ideal for many military, aerospace and medical applications.

Circuits, LLC is well-equipped to take on rigid-flex PCB processing. The 50,000 square foot fabricating and testing facility houses a built-to-purpose, flow-optimized workspace specifically designed and equipped to produce consistent, high-quality flexible printed circuits with minimum handling and transport. The PCB manufacturing facility features a fully-integrated Class 1,000 clean room, a laser driller/router and a custom plating line configured for the production of complex circuits.

Rather than using a traditional oxide treatment in the manufacture of rigid-flex, Circuits chose an innerlayer adhesion promotion system that combines micro-etching and surface adhesion promotion to influence the flow of the pre-preg resin yielding significant interlaminar bond strength between resin and the copper surface. The COBRA Bond™ process (developed by OMG Electronic Chemicals) is designed to work with multiple types of foils, is scratch resistant and has lower overall processing costs. “The new system offers many benefits for Circuits and their customers,” according to Michael Carano, Global Manager Strategic Business Development and Marketing, OMG Electronic Chemicals, “plus the COBRA Bond™ process meets with Circuits’ “clean manufacturing” strategy because it is more environmentally sound than traditional oxide processes.”

As both the mechanical and electrical aspects are a consideration when designing rigid-flex applications, Circuits, LLC offers their staff of experts to help customers design for manufacturability early in their process to ensure the highest yields possible through the fabrication and the assembly process.

Matric Limited Acquires AS 9100 Certification

Matric Limited, located in Seneca, PA, is a model of excellence for Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers and is the regional leader in technology, equipment and quality.  In September, 2009, Matric was audited for AS 9100  registration (the international standard for Aerospace manufacturing).  Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading certification body, awarded full certification to Matric on January 14, 2010. 

Based on the ISO 9000 requirements, AS 9100 utilizes most of the processes and procedures that were already well-entrenched into the everyday operations at Matric, so adapting to the stricter standards required little change.  Matric acquired the original ISO 9001 certification in 1996. 

AS 9100 is strongly supported and adhered to by major aerospace manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, GEAE and Rolls-Royce. AS 9100 certification has become the basic requirement demanded by all these companies to their suppliers.  The standard puts a particular focus on quality, safety and technology in all disciplines throughout the industry, and along the entire supply chain. It applies to every domain whether civil or military. 

“Achieving the AS 9100 is a further confirmation our management system will support and ensure the quality standards needed by our clients,” says Tracy Sandell, Director of Quality Assurance.  “Matric is dedicated to providing quality products and services consistently to our valued customers.  Having the AS 9100 certification is an assurance to our clientele that we are committed to excellence, sustainability and reliability.”

Matric provides electronics manufacturing services, electronics engineering design services, aftermarket services & repair, cable assembly, electromechanical assembly and a variety of wireless products.  Founded in 1971, Matric employs over 200 associates.  

For more information about Matric, please visit their website at

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