It’s Back! Super Rad Pittsburgh Tech News Thursday

It’s been a long while, but it’s finally back…Yes our Super Rad Tech News Roundup. News has been backing up and we’re gonna get a whole bunch out in a single shot. So here goes. Strap on your seatbelt.

Sticky Situation

Cohera received approval for  first of four modules of its PMA filing plan for its TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive product. Unlike existing superglue-type products that can’t be used inside the body/don’t degrade and fibrin sealants that create a weak bond and are expensive to use, TissuGlu’s unique chemical composition is resorbable, non-toxic (uses no human or animal based ingredients), forms a strong bond (5x stronger than any other product for this indication) and allows for natural healing.  Read more right here.

Election Day Benefits

With Election Day fast approaching, Monroeville-base Compunetix/Compunetics/Chorus Call/Sonexis are encouraging their employees to vote by offering them a half day off! Employees who present valid proof that they voted will receive four additional hours of paid time off (PTO). Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, president of the four companies and himself a naturalized American citizen, developed this innovative initiative to encourage all eligible employees to participate in the election process. He feels strongly that employees should exercise this important right. “We do not care whom they vote for, just that they vote,” Dr. Coraluppi explains. “We want to eliminate any barriers to the voting process.”

ePlate Hits a National Market

Dynamics Inc., an innovator in next-generation payment devices,  nationally launched the ePlate™ payment device – a battery-powered credit card that opens an entirely new payments category with first-of-a-kind consumer-facing payment “apps.”  At any time, a consumer can change the “app” on their ePlate™ device and completely change the way the card operates along with the benefit the consumer receives.  Consumers can apply for a Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device  at

FBI Agent Lauded for Tech Work

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Thomas X. Grasso is credited with organizing the DNS Changer Working Group that brought together industry competitors, researchers and vendors to donate their services and cooperate in what could have been a major Web catastrophe. Instead, the infected end-users received a practical notice telling them their machines had been compromised by the malware and that they needed to take action to remove it. Grasso received the inaugural J.D. Falk Award from M3AAWG, the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group last week in Baltimore. M3AAWG ( represents over one billion inboxes and is the largest global industry organization working against malware, virus, bots, spam and other online threats.

Aerotech Preps for Job Fair

Aerotech will hold another job fair on Wednesday, November 14thfrom 3:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. at its headquarters located on 101 Zeta Drive, Pgh, PA  15238. (RIDC Park off Route 28). Aerotech is hiring for  Machinist CNC or Trainee, Mechanical Assembly, Mechanical Inspection Technician, Wiring and PCB Assembly, Electronic Technician, Electrical Engineer, Software/Computer GUI Engineer, Mechanical Engineer andSales Application Engineer. Learn more at

Branding Brand Makes Headlines

There’s an excellent profile of Branding Brand in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The mobile app developer just landed $7.5 million in venture funding and is growing at a blistering rate.Read the article right here.

Consider yourself armed with the latest Pittsburgh tech news!

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