Hey Yinz Guys…Its Friday!

It’s a Good Friday all right. Perfect timing for another edition of “Super Rad Pittsburgh Tech News Update”! The latest news we couldn’t squeeze in until now. It was worth the wait:

Wombat Announces Cymbel Corp to New Channel Partner Program

Wombat Security Technologies, a leading provider of cyber security training solutions, is announcing their channel partner program which enables IT security solution providers to offer Wombat’s assessment and training solutions to their prospects and customers. After experiencing triple digit growth in 2011, Wombat developed this program to improve the reach and availability of their solutions to the organizations that need their security awareness training programs to provide measurable positive behavior change. Aaron Reibstein, President and CEO at Cymbel Corporation, Wombat’s first official partner in their new channel partner program said, “Wombat’s simulated attack service and interactive training modules are very effective and offered at a great price. Their innovative uses of game theory and web services solve many of the limitations found in traditional security awareness training.”

Netronome to Build World’s Highest Performance Flow Processors

Netronome, the leading developer of flow processors, today announced an extension of its strategic relationship with Intel Corp. in which Netronome’s next-generation flow processors will be manufactured on Intel’s leading 22nm process. Netronome will offer the world’s first flow processors based on Intel’s market-defining 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology and will shatter system benchmarks for flow processor performance, power and cost in network and security applications. “Access to the Intel Custom Foundry is a key differentiator for Netronome and enables them to take advantage of the industry-leading performance and power efficiency of Intel’s 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate technology,” said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at The Linley Group.


Outfit Your Office with Furniture on the Cheap

ECI Telecom is closing their Pittsburgh office. They called Techburgher to find out if we knew of any start-ups/new companies who might be interested in buying any of their equipment. They have an office of 140 people, so the equipment includes…

  • 132 cubes
  • Chairs (for the cubes)
  • More Chairs (from the conference rooms, which are only 1-yr old)
  • Whiteboards
  • Steel case bookcases
  • Cabinets, etc.

Richard Wilkie is with ECI, and is the point person if anyone wants to purchase something.




TrueFit Keeps Pumping Out More Apps!

TrueFit, a leading innovation firm which helps entrepreneurial start-ups and large enterprises bring new product ideas to market, and Act Right Productions LLC, a Nevada-based technology company, today announced the launch of the Timed Text app for iPad & iPhone. The Timed Text app allows users to schedule timed text messages at specific dates and times. Unlike more simple reminder-oriented apps, Timed Text ensures automatic delivery, once date, time, and contact are selected. The Act Right Productions team partnered with TrueFit to conceptualize the screen by screen flow, look and feel of the app, and to develop a smooth, easy user experience.

A unique feature of the app includes the ability to send texts even when the phone is in the ‘off’ position. Users can view scheduled texts, and set up schedules for future texts. The owners of Act Right Productions, Eddie Canonico and Mike Clark, noted, “Our goal is to help users schedule important notifications in advance. There are countless examples of how Timed Text can be valuable, such as a happy birthday or anniversary, wishing congratulations, remembering a business meeting, and many others. We’re very happy with the TrueFit team. We are excited to work with them on future iterations of Timed Text, as well as other app concepts.”

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