Entrepreneurs Choose TrueFit to build app for gift shopping


TrueFit created the My Wish Lists app.

TrueFit, a leading innovation firm which helps entrepreneurial start-ups and large enterprises bring new technology products to market, today announced the launch of My Wish Lists, an easy-to-use iPhone app that enables consumers to organize and share the products they really desire.

“My Wish Lists is a revolutionary app that uses the latest technology to help consumers plan a wedding, shower, holiday or birthday gift list. Consumers are no longer restricted by retailers with this new app,” said Ben Breen and Fred Beer of b. and b. apps.

Using the iPhone, users are able to scan a UPC code and instantly update their product lists. Within seconds of scanning, friends are able to view the product and purchase it online or in-store. In addition, push notifications allow users the ability to see if their wishes have been granted. Finally, the map feature allows users to find the location of the closest retail stores.

“My Wish Lists is another great example of a fun and innovative way to manage the important people and events in our lives. TrueFit is thrilled to have played an integral role in the development of this product,” said Christopher Evans, TrueFit Vice President.

In addition to the My Wish Lists app, TrueFit designed and developed a website for the app (www.mywishlistapp.com).

“TrueFit really understood our idea for the technology and ran with it. The user experience, functionality and design of the app is better than we ever could have imagined,” said Ben Breen and Fred Beer of b. and b. apps.

To download the app online: www.mywishlistapp.com.

Click here to download the app from the iTunes store.

About TrueFit 

Enabling Innovation™. It’s what we do. For the entrepreneur, and for the enterprise. Helping entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations bring new ideas to market–quickly. From the raw idea on the back of a cocktail napkin, to an enterprise-level release ready for development, Smartphone, Web, Social Media and Commercial Software apps come to life through our proprietary Idea Launch™ methodology. Dialing up the value of your idea to get investment funding, or to gain executive approval. TrueFit helps you take a product idea from vision to reality. From the whiteboard to the marketplace: www.truefitsolutions.com.

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