ChemImage Awarded Contract for Production of Standoff Explosive Detection Technology

ChemImage Corporation announced today that the U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command has awarded the company a $9.9 Million contract for the implementation of its real-time sensor technology to be used for standoff and on-the-move detection of explosives.

This program will leverage previous work done for the U.S. Army and allow the ChemImage technology to be more widely applied to various military needs. The work to be performed in this contract will include the fabrication and delivery of multiple sensors to the U.S. Army, as well as sensor testing and evaluation.

“We are excited to be providing the U.S. Army with the next generation of standoff sensing technology,” said Patrick Treado, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Technology Officer at ChemImage. “We will continue to work hard to deliver products that keep U.S. soldiers and our country safe.” For more information on ChemImage’s threat detection capabilities, visit

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