Local Companies Rally to Provide Clean Water Solutions to Victims in Haiti

When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti earlier this year, Pittsburgh companies were some of the first to provide necessary aid. Now with the recent cholera outbreak and further damage and flooding from Hurricane Tomas, those Pittsburgh companies are stepping up their efforts to address the volatile situation in Haiti. LANXESS Corporation, NOVA Chemicals and PPG Industries are working with Deep Springs International (DSI), a Grove City, PA-based non-profit organization that empowers Haitians to obtain safe drinking water in their homes and is now providing the necessary relief supplies to properly treat drinking water in areas at the heart of the disasters.

DSI was on the ground in Haiti for three years before the earthquake hit, helping to improve the health of the population by distributing safe water storage containers and liquid chlorine solution to safely treat drinking water in order to prevent disease. As the cholera epidemic continues to spread throughout Haiti, DSI has responded by providing chlorine solution for use in the water distribution network in St. Marc and 353 schools in the Artibonite region – the epicenter of the outbreak – as well as 16 other communities in which DSI has previously established programs.

With the added concerns that the flooding caused by Hurricane Tomas will further spread the disease, DSI’s corporate partners secured funds for the distribution of 900 additional gallons of liquid chlorine solution and 500,000 solid chlorine tablets necessary for treating the affected water. DSI’s work since the outbreak of cholera has provided treatment for more than twelve million gallons of water.

“Our wide-ranging partner network, including 152 community health workers, who were diligently working to deliver and monitor the clean water systems, are now working double time to prevent the spread of cholera,” explained Michael Ritter, program director, DSI. “Thanks to the unwavering corporate support that funded the project, we’ve been able to exceed our goals and now provide assistance with the cholera outbreak.”

Member Spotlight: Meet the members of the Pittsburgh Technology Council

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has more than 1,350 member companies, all based in SWPA. We’ve got some of the most innovative tech ventures here in our backyard. We thought it would be most excellent to put a small spotlight on a handful of our members each and every week, so you can see the great diversity and talent that we have out there.  We encourage you to learn more about these technology companies:

Jencons Scientific, Inc. - Jencons Scientific is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and supplies used by life science, clinical and industrial facilities. Jencons Scientific specializes in liquid-handling products, such as micro-pipettors, motorized and electronic pipette fillers and liquid dispensers.

Kontron America, Inc. – Kontron designs and manufactures standard-based and custom embedded and communication solutions for OEMs, systems integrators, and application providers in a variety of markets.

Metronome Labs – Metronome Labs delivers advanced, innovative solutions for e-business optimization. Metronome provides tools to understand your web visitors without complex tagging or time-consuming web server log analysis. Our innovative clickstream data capture technology collects, aggregates and summarizes information about your website in real time, without costly changes to your site or systems. Eliminate the work of creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining tag scripts every time your website changes.

NanoLambda, Inc. – NanoLambda is developing a new kind of sensor chip, the Spectrum Sensor™, a few mm2 in size, which is smaller than conventional devices by multiple orders of magnitude.  The cost will be less than 1/10 of the cost of conventional low-end solutions.

Penn United Technology – An employee-owned company that began in 1971, Penn United Technology, Inc. is a high precision manufacturing company specializing in:  Progressive Carbide Dies, Precision Grinding & Machining, Stamping, Can Tooling, Precision Grinders and Spindles, Prototyping, Automation/Assembly Machines, Product Assembly, Plating, Precision Tooling, and the manufacture of Carbide and Carbide Preforms.

Renal Solutions – Renal Solutions, Inc., is an integrated medical device and service company dedicated to transforming the kidney dialysis therapy model for patients affected by chronic kidney disease through the design of innovative sorbent-based hemodialysis systems.

SiGenix, Inc. – SiGenix is a western Pennsylvania-based product development firm specializing in engineering services, transportation products, power supply design and venture products.  The Engineering Services business unit leverages a strong background in printed circuit board design and embedded and PC software development. Expertise in hardware development includes PCB layout, circuit design, microprocessor systems and FPGA solutions. Software development includes C, C++, Visual Basic, Windows programming and embedded systems.

Testa Consulting – Testa is a technical consulting company that has been matching engineering and IT professionals with firms in the Pittsburgh technology marketplace since 1997. Our focus is on finding the right candidate for the right job in order to make for a pleasant and productive long-term relationship.

Verichem – Verichem is a specialty chemical manufacturing and marketing company that produces industrial biocides and preservatives.

WESCO Distribution, Inc. – WESCO International, Inc. (NYSE: WCC) is a publicly traded Fortune 500 holding company whose primary operating entity is WESCO Distribution, Inc. WESCO Distribution is a leading distributor of electrical construction products and electrical and industrial maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies, and is the nation’s largest provider of integrated supply services.

II-VI Incorporated Announces Acquisition of Max Levy Autograph, Inc.

II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI) today announced the acquisition of Max Levy Autograph, Inc. (MLA).  MLA manufactures micro-fine conductive mesh patterns for optical, mechanical and ceramic components for applications such as circuitry, metrology standards, target calibration and suppression of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) from its 30,000 square foot manufacturing location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The MLA team of research and manufacturing engineers has also developed technologies utilizing electro-forming and plating and micro-fine diamond contouring for precision patterns on various substrates to service the medical and commercial markets.  MLA’s technology is key to the military market as it provides protection for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems for various aircraft and land vehicles.  During this past year, MLA has also become a qualified supplier to II-VI’s Exotic Electro-Optics, Inc. (EEO) subsidiary for various products which require EMI gridding.  MLA’s 30 person workforce generated revenues of approximately $5 million for the 12 months ended September 30, 2010.  Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Francis J. Kramer, president and chief executive officer of II-VI Incorporated stated, “MLA adds products and technology well matched with the products and markets served by our EEO subsidiary.  During the qualification of MLA as a supplier of EMI grids it became clear the combination of these groups would provide a stronger platform for continued growth in the defense industry and potentially enable market diversification over the longer term.  As such, MLA will operate as part of our EEO subsidiary which is consolidated into our Military & Materials business segment.  We are delighted to welcome the MLA employees to our company.”

Donald Sedberry, president and major shareholder of MLA commented, “This acquisition provides an excellent opportunity to continue MLA’s long history of supporting our customers with advanced technology development, plus it sets in place a solid foundation for growth.  The management, technical and manufacturing personnel of MLA, EEO and II-VI Infrared Optics have worked effectively together and developed a high level of respect for one another.  This merger is expected to improve our capabilities to serve our current customers and uncover opportunities to expand our business.  We believe the innovative and energetic MLA team is a great fit with the culture and technology of EEO.”

Inmedius® S1000D Process Editor V2.0 Adds Robust Preview Function

Inmedius®, Inc. recently announced Version 2.0 of its unique S1000D Process Editor, an advanced visualization authoring solution to simply and quickly produce complex Process Data Modules. The feature-rich software release includes a robust Preview function, comprehensive S1000D Issue 4.0 Specification support, and extended applicability functionality. The same viewing technology used in the Process Editor for Preview is now fully integrated into the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite™, facilitating a common view between authoring and the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM).

“The latest release of the Process Editor incorporates a single viewer for authoring and viewing documents,” stated Sean Rushing, Director of S1000D Product and Services, Inmedius, Inc. “A consistent presentation of data is provided in the Process Editor for authoring, S1000Dinteract™ for IETM sharing and viewing, and with S1000Dreview™ to evaluate them for quality assurance. Having a consistent interface and familiar functionality across the entire technical document publishing process significantly enhances ease of use and efficiency.”

The Inmedius S1000D Process Editor’s powerful interface, with user-friendly WYSIWYG technology, also ensures conformance with Specification requirements. The new update incorporates the Issue 4.0 tag set and extends the ability for authors to make applicability assignments to more items, including wrapper nodes. Unique to the authoring software is the automatic manipulation of the original complex XML data structures. The result is well-formed, S1000D-compliant files that even non-XML users are able to easily create and edit.

The Process Editor employs advanced visualization technology to enable any user to easily and quickly picture the most complex data structures. By simply dragging and dropping components, users can author and edit Process Data Modules. The Process Editor is one of three Inmedius S1000D authoring solutions, all of which provide a seamless user experience. Like browser-based S1000DauthorProXE and the original S1000DauthorPro, the Process Editor can be integrated with Inmedius S1000Dmanager™, a comprehensive project setup and management support system. The Editor provides Manager users with a graphical flowchart environment to straightforwardly observe the overall logical structure of the Process Data Module.

Learn more about the Process Editor and view the online demo at www.inmediusS1000D.com/process.


TeleTracking Technologies Launches New Web site

TeleTracking Technologies, the market and KLAS category leader in patient flow automation, today announced the launch of a new website (www.teletracking.com) which better reflects the company’s complete end-to-end suite of flow solutions for hospitals and its expanding role in providing business analytics.

The site illustrates how TeleTracking’s enterprise-class XT platform has sparked a new era of connectivity and product offerings, which in turn has allowed the organization that created the patient flow category to redefine it. TeleTracking solutions now manage patient flow from the point of referral through admission, bed placement, diagnostics, procedures and discharge, streamlining the process so that hospitals can admit more patients within existing capacity constraints.

In addition to a refreshed look, the website features navigation by audience category, ROI estimators, proven success stories, “solutions-based” white papers, “best practices” articles, and a library of testimonials from a few of its nearly 850 client hospitals. Visitors also can get overviews of each of TeleTracking’s applications, including TransferCenter™, which speeds inter-hospital referrals – improving efficiencies, and RadarFind, a RTLS/RFID sensor network which monitors the location and status of medical equipment – helping hospitals to reduce supply chain costs.

These applications all link to one another via the XT platform, which was architected to consolidate, coordinate and proactively manage patient flow information as it related to all aspects of the patient, bed management and patient transportation. And because they share a single database, they provide easy access to valuable business intelligence for operational decision-making and marketing opportunities.

“TeleTracking is the leader in this category, and our new website demonstrates why, particularly through the words of our own clients,” said CEO Anthony Sanzo.

“We’re very proud of the fact that we have a client retention rate of 95 percent. That, even more than our breadth of products and services, is what sets us apart from our competition.”

Visit www.teletracking.com to download a new white paper — “Coming Together for Quality Care – The Growing Importance of Health Systems Integration.”

About TeleTracking

A privately held, Pittsburgh-based firm founded in 1991, TeleTracking Technologies has grown to be the world leader of patient flow automation solutions to the healthcare industry. TeleTracking solutions now address patient throughput, overcrowding, asset management, inter-hospital patient transfer, and infection control. They enhance efficiency, save cost, generate revenue, and most importantly, ensure that patients get to the right place at the right time with the right resources for optimal care.