NonProfit Spaces Web Site Helps Sublease Properties

NonProfit Spaces offers Pittsburgh-area nonprofits and community-facing organizations a place to list their extra real estate online for sublease, so they can establish reliable, alternative revenue streams. It also offers burgeoning organizations the opportunity to scale up by renting out new, affordable spaces. And it’s free.

Whether it’s an entire warehouse or a single suite, anyone from independent entrepreneurs to other nonprofits can use’s customized interface to find the right space, contact the leasing party, and of course, seal the deal.

What makes our site different from other rental networks? It’s specifically tailored to the needs of Pittsburgh area nonprofits. That means that prospective renters can sort through properties based on:

  • Access to public transportation
  • Gymnasium/pool access
  • Child care facilities
  • Property classifications, such as Retail, Thrift Store, and Multi-Family Housing
  • Access to kitchen/food service facilities
  • Access to conference and common rooms
  • Janitorial services
  • Free and/or reserved parking
  • WiFi access
  • …and more!

The site was built with ease-of-use as a top priority, so nonprofit administrators can list and find space easily, with minimal real estate market knowledge.

Developed in partnership with The Forbes Funds and the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, the NonProfit Spaces team has years of combined experience working with and on behalf of Pittsburgh area nonprofit organizations.

Check it out here.

Thinking Global? Don’t Get Lost in Translation

By: Nancy Cardone, Across Systems

Planning for globalization is an intensive process that requires a ton of pre-planning. There are many things to consider as you market your business internationally and one key area that can often be overlooked is translation. By not addressing translation as a part of your global planning process you could hinder your ability to successfully penetrate these new markets and to quickly get your product to market.

A VP of Sales for a manufacturing company once told me a horror story about inadequate marketing materials that his foreign counterparts were presenting at a trade show in China. Unfortunately, his Chinese counterparts gave the assignment to the lowest bidder and ended up with marketing materials that were poorly translated and formatted. Once he saw the materials he immediately knew they would reflect poorly on his company and could ultimately damage their reputation, which people in Asia take very seriously. Since the materials were not translated and formatted professionally, his company image was compromised, they were not taken seriously and he lost potential sales as a result of not putting the right process in place from the beginning.

After being a business professional in the translation field for 14 years, I have learned firsthand the many roadblocks that can get in the way of getting a product to market efficiently. Most times, problems occur because people do not have a clear understanding of how translation works and do not budget as much time for translation as they do creating their English content.

Some of the common translation mistakes that can seriously impact your success when marketing your products globally include:


  • Believing that free online translation services or machine-translations are acceptable solutions for quality translations. Machine Translationis great for determining the gist of what someone is saying. However, it is not a viable translation tool to help you achieve a quality translation. You can test this out by inserting professionally translated materials into a translation tool in a foreign language, especially if it’s Chinese or Arabic, and see what English translation is produced.  You will be surprised by what you will see.


  • Assuming that “everyone” speaks English and there is no need for translated materials.  Although many people globally do speak English, there is brand credibility that comes with having your documents translated at a local level. People will be more likely to buy from companies that take the time to translate materials into their native language.


  • Using unqualified people to handle translations. Employees, external language service providers and freelance translators can be great options for your translations; unfortunately, they may not be fully qualified to translate your marketing materials. Translation is a special skill that not everyone possesses. Just because you have traveled or even studied a foreign language does not qualify you to translate. If a quality translation doesn’t take into account local jargon, terminology and dialectical differences, the reputation of your company could be jeopardized. Quality should not be ignored since a single translation error can change the entire meaning of a message which could result in a damaged business reputation, loss of sales and even death if you are in the medical industry where translation mistakes could kill people.


  • Addressing translation too late in the global planning process. If translation is not incorporated early on into the global planning process, you could incur significant expenses due to inadequate processing time, high cost rush projects, low quality products and product launch delays. I recently spoke to someone at a medical device conference whose launch was delayed by two weeks because the materials were not sent to translation soon enough and the translation timeline was not adequately considered in their overall launch timeline.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these mistakes. By following these guidelines, you can incorporate a translation strategy that will help you get your product to market quickly with reduced costs.

  • Use a credible translation technology solution for process efficiency and consistency. Not all solutions are created equal and offer the same controls and benefits.
  • Work with a professional language service provider to provide the human intervention necessary to appropriately handle subject matter, terminology and locales.
  • Incorporate a solid translation process early on when defining your global strategy to realize significant cost savings by using authoring solutions that help you craft your English content to be more understandable, consistent and quality.

Today, as you are expanding your business on a global basis, it is essential that you implement a solid translation strategy from the beginning. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if you are not communicating effectively with your customers, employees and business partners, you could lose valuable business opportunities. In addition, your marketing materials could be sending the wrong message or even worse, offending your customers which put your company’s reputation at stake. In this global economy, you can’t afford to take that risk. A proactive translation strategy will save time, reduce product development costs, increase sales opportunities and keep you ahead of your international competition.


Nancy Cardone, located in Pittsburgh, PA, is a localization professional and Across Systems’ business development manager for the Americas. Across provides translation software that helps companies go to market faster through process and workflow automation. In June, Across will be releasing version 6 with a user interface redesign, enhanced functionality and increased speed. Nancy can be reached at 412-486-3819 or at




Neya Systems Announces New Hires

Neya Systems, LLC is happy to welcome Dr. Mark Allmen, Dr. Chris Baker, Dr. Meenal Patel and Ted Kuhn as it continues to grow and expand our employee base to handle new DoD and commercial efforts.

Dr. Allmen joins Neya Systems most recently from Practical Perception, LLC and Lockheed Martin, where he has been involved in a variety of aerial and ground robotics efforts. As one of the first employees and a member of the board of directors at Perceptek, Mark brings over 20 years of experience in applied computer vision, unmanned systems development, program management, and business development.

Dr. Chris Baker joins Neya Systems from CMU NREC, and has a decade of experience in all aspects of unmanned vehicle systems development. Chris’s focus has been on application of 3D sensing and processing for outdoor platforms. He was the perception lead for Lockheed Martin’s Marlin system, for oil rig inspection, and perception lead for a recent aircraft maintenance system.

Dr. Meenal Patel is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she worked on computer vision and machine learning algorithms for Functional MRI analysis for diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders. Meenal brings a unique perspective to unmanned systems, combining biomedical and perception experience.

Ted Kuhn has over a decade of experience in complex hardware systems design. Most recently, Ted was at Bodymedia (recently acquired by Jawbone), as a lead on the Bodymedia Fit Link hardware team. Ted’s experience in commercial hardware design is invaluable as Neya moves into the commercial product development space. Prior to Bodymedia, Ted was at QinetiQ North America, where he designed autonomy hardware for the DragonRunner(tm)-10 series of platforms.

“We are fortunate to be able to continue to grow our team with outstanding employees who bring diverse experience in unmanned systems development,” said Dr. Parag Batavia, president of Neya Systems. “Mark, Chris, Meenal, and Ted are all individuals who have their choice of organizations to work with, and I am honored and humbled that they all chose to join Neya”.

EY announces Entrepreneur Of The Year Winners

EY announced the winners of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This group of leading entrepreneurs was selected by an independent judging panel made up of previous winners of the award, leading CEOs, private capital investors and other regional business leaders. The winners were revealed at a special gala on Friday, June 20th at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel.

“EY has honored outstanding entrepreneurs for the past 28 years,” said Kim Gillespie and Darrell Smalley, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Program Directors for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. “These business leaders are accomplished entrepreneurs who have contributed a tremendous amount to the community.”

The Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Award winners are:

Michael A. Cherock, PE, Chief Executive Officer and President, AE Works Ltd.

John P. Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Armada

Dean Grose, President, Comtech Industries, Inc.

Luis von Ahn, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Duolingo

Edward Perrin, Chief Executive Officer, Karndean Designflooring

David Levine, Chief Executive Officer, NuGo Nutrition

Paul Hennigan, PhD, President, Point Park University

William F. Sarris, President, Sarris Candies, Inc.

Pamela Petrow, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vector Security

In addition, Richard P. Simmons was awarded the Master Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Inc. received the Global Impact Award.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year Program honors entrepreneurs regionally in June, leading up to the national awards in November. Additionally, venture-backed companies that win an Entrepreneur Of The Year Award regionally are also eligible for the Venture Capital Award of Excellence at the national level. The Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner then moves on to compete for the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award.

Now in its 28th year, the program has expanded to recognize business leaders in more than 145 cities in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Program.  Award winners in several national categories, as well as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the annual awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 15, 2014. The awards are the culminating event of the EY Strategic Growth Forum®, the nation’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies.


Matrix Solutions Announces New Matrix Premium Product Availability

Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of Media CRM and Sales Intelligence Software, announces general availability of their new Matrix Premium Platform. Matrix Premium delivers significant functionality enhancements such as a game-changing alert center that proactively advances the way advertising is sold. Matrix Premium was built on a modern and innovative architecture; includes an advanced data warehouse, Sales Intelligence, Budget and Pipeline Analysis Modules, as well as an Activity Analysis Module. The Premium Platform, which is both a web-based and hosted solution, also integrates and aggregates multiple sources of data throughout the back-office media workflow.

“Our Matrix Premium release is revolutionary for Media Ad Sales Management as it provides the tools necessary for deep Sales Intelligence not only from a historical perspective, but from a forward-thinking perspective,” said DJ Cavanaugh, CEO, Matrix Solutions. “It also provides an advanced level of integrated insight across the top of an entire enterprise while enabling scalability from the high-level overview to the need to quickly drill down to the individual Station, Outlet, Category, Account Executive or more.”

The Sales Intelligence tools, included in the Matrix Premium Platform, not only provide a current 360 degree view of the entire sales organization, but also highlight where new sales opportunities lie.  For example, in the Sales Coverage Analysis with one click, you can see what properties your top Accounts and Agencies are buying and what properties they are not.  The Budget and Forecast Analysis tool compares the sales organizations’ budget to pipeline and budget to forecast in real-time with current data, showing an immediate snapshot of how the enterprise is performing.

“Matrix Premium was developed to be the ultimate platform for the media sales professional. Our Premium Platform offers the entire sales organization an intuitive, smart and efficient way to manage and sell advertising,” said BJ Boyle, Vice President Product Management, Matrix Solutions. “We are giving the media sales professionals amazing new tools that allow them to proactively spend less time analyzing and more time selling.”

The Matrix Premium Platform, which will be deployed for general availability on June 21, 2014, is available for purchase or as an upgrade to new and current Matrix customers respectively.