About TECHBurgher

The TECHburgher is a blog about technology (“tech”) and Pittsburgh (“burgher”). Simple as that. Technology in the ‘Burgh is a way of life and a vehicle for regional growth. With that in mind, we’ll give shout outs to anyone and anything advancing southwestern Pennsylvania’s business climate and technology sector. Have an idea? Let us know in the comments section below. Otherwise, subscribe to our feed (using the buttons to the right) and be in the know about our issues, topics, news and more.

Southwestern Pennsylvania

In addition to its inherent beauty and high quality of life, our region offers many advantages to living, working and playing in southwestern Pennsylvania. One of the nation’s leading centers for technology, health care, advanced materials, life sciences, homeland security and financial services, Pittsburgh ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities with a vibrant cultural district, as well as rivers and green space for an active outdoor lifestyle. The surrounding region is much of the same.

On a business note, the region’s technology industries, when taken in aggregate, have continued to increase their total annual payroll, now standing at $10.8 billion, which represents nearly 24 percent of the region’s total industries. Average wages increased 6.6 percent over a three-year period more than $52,000 a year, thereby further illustrating that the technology sector features a high level of high-growth, high-paying jobs. (Source: 2007 State of the Industry Report)

Pittsburgh Technology Council

Since 1983, the Pittsburgh Technology Council has been the principal point of connection for companies from four primary clusters of the technology industry that are represented by a critical mass of businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania including, the Advanced Manufacturing / Materials, Cleantech, Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors.